Expert Guidance

“I thoroughly enjoy working with Bernie…He provides me with information on my health and eating habits that was targeted to my specific needs…is caring, considerate and extremely knowledgeable about health and nutrition. I highly recommend, to everyone, that they at least meet with Bernie to discuss their current health and nutrition habits. You will be amazed at what Bernie can do for you.” S. K.

“Our family really appreciates all of your help. [Name] has been doing great and your reassuring, thoughtful approach has helped me as well.” L.E.

“Thank you so much!! Your care is tremendous and I’m so fortunate to have the opportunity to work with you!! Thanks again!!” D.A.

“Bernie is highly knowledgeable in the over-all health of the mind, body and spirit of the human body and seeks with passion to assist and pass on thus important knowledge to helping others achieve a healthy and spiritual life through diet and yoga.” D. N.

“Bernie has provided expert guidance and knowledge on both nutrition and wellness to me which has in turn helped me in competing at a very high level. As a competitive distance runner, food is fuel; without Bernie’s knowledge and guidance I would still be suffering from nutritional deficiencies and sub par digestion. Bernie has also been nothing short of amazing in helping me develop my yoga practice and learn the benefits of yoga and relaxation. Bernie is an outstanding resource for all things nutrition, wellness, and the practice of yoga.” C.V.D.