Open House – Thursday, January 25, 2018 @ 7:15 PM

10040 N. Port Washington Road in Mequon

Topic 1: Why Cleanse

Topic 2: Quantum Physics and You!! (Hint: How and why the EMF Phone Chips, EMF Key Chains, Food Freshness Card, and Sleep Chips work!)


Open House

Quantum Physics and You – sounds like a very strange title, so what is it all about? At the next Open House, I will be featuring and talking about the products from Nature’s Frequencies. Many of you are already using them – the EMF Phone Chips, the EMF Key Chain, the Sleep Chip, and the Food Freshness Card – to name a few.

At my last Open House, I joked that I was about to risk my career with a demonstration of the Food Freshness Card. Here is what happened. I have samples of a certain bone broth protein that I was muscle testing on many clients because I was strongly considering selling it. However, it failed every test! I asked a colleague of mine who sells it if she tested it on people and she said yes, but everything that comes into the office is put on the Food Freshness Card. So, I decided to try that first in the privacy of one client, which proved successful, so I took the big chance at the Open House and sure enough it worked again. Once the product was on the Food Freshness Card for a few minutes it passed the muscle test!

There is a lot more information on the Nature’s Frequencies website. You can see independent studies of how food stayed fresh longer using the card and read multiple testimonials. Here’s the website:

To read more about the dangers of EMFs click here:

The book, Zapped by Ann Louise Gittleman –

EMF resources –

At the next Open House, I will repeat the demonstration and go into more detail as to why these products work and have product specials!! I hope to see you there!

Food Freshness Card – $50

EMF Cell Phone Chips – $10

EMF Key Chain – $35