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October 2017 Newsletter: Stealth Pathogens, Breast Cancer Awareness, Bone Broth and Collagen

Stealth Pathogens! Sounds scary, like something out of a horror movie. Well, it is and is something that I definitely see with my clients. One of my colleagues Kerry Bone captures the essence of it by calling it “NBWS.” A clue to when a stealth pathogen is involved is when the client says, “I’ve never been well since…” This will be the topic of my next Open House – November 16 at 7:00 – and we’ll be back at my office at 10040 N. Port Washington Road in Mequon.

The new nutrition buzz words are bone broth and collagen. What is this all about? See below.

The Jewish Holidays continue during the month of October and as such the office will be closed and I will be unavailable from late afternoon Wednesday October 4 through Saturday October 7 and again the following week from late afternoon Wednesday October 11 through the morning of Monday October 16. So, please plan accordingly if you need supplements!

Breast Cancer Awareness Month
October is breast cancer awareness month. Awareness includes both prevention and detection. It seems mainstream medicine focuses on detection and use of mammograms. And, as it seems with all health related issues there are multiple perspectives. Are mammograms safe? Are they effective? How often should they be done? Is thermography a viable alternative?

On October 10, Jenny Steger from The Longevity Center will be offering thermal scans at my office. DITI (Digital Infrared Thermal Imaging or Thermography) is a non-invasive diagnostic technique that allows the examiner to visualize and quantify changes in skin surface temperature. An infrared scanning device is used to convert infrared radiation emitted from the skin surface into electrical impulses that are visualized in color on a monitor. This visual image graphically maps the body temperature and is referred to as a thermogram.

To learn more about The Longevity Center and thermography and to set an appointment click here:

As mentioned above there is some controversy regarding the safety and effectiveness of mammograms. From GreenMed Info here’s

New Products Collagen Bone Broth
The new buzz words in nutrition are bone broth and collagen. Of course, to those of you familiar with the Weston Price Foundation this is nothing new to you! But for the rest of the world it is big news and naturally along with that comes the mass marketing and mass production of products! And with this comes the marketing hype. And with this is some truth and of course some deception.

To help my clients get the best products on the market I did some extensive research and I am now a distributor for Vital Proteins. For more information on Vital Proteins click here:

Vital Proteins has a line of products that includes powders of beef collagen, fish collagen, beef bone broth, chicken bone broth, and whey protein with collagen. What’s unique about Vital Proteins is that the base ingredients are organic chickens, grass-fed and pastured beef, and wild fish. This is not the case with most of the competition and particularly some of the leading brands.

For an overview of what these products are read my article about bone broth and collagen by clicking here:

Or, if you like, give me a call and I’ll explain it to you.

Another Parasite Case Resolved!
Hi Bernie, I wanted to share with you that I had Hydro therapy today and no visible worms! This is great news the [remedies] are working! I hope I test the same with you when I see you! Had to share, you’re one of few I can tell! Hope you have a great evening!

Bone Broth and Collagen – The “Hottest Trend” in Health

It seems all you hear about on all the leading health sites these days is bone broth and collagen. Celebrities and athletes are endorsing it and bone broth cafes are becoming part of coffee shops in major cities. Dr. Oz, Dr. Axe, Dr. Mercola are all on the bandwagon. Of course, those of us who are members of the Weston Price Foundation have known about all the benefits of bone broth for years!

Let’s start with bone broth. Quite simply it is made from simmering bones for 12-24 hours. Predominantly beef, chicken, and fish are used. Bone broth is rich in nutrients which are typically not a major part of modern diets including key minerals, collagen, gelatin, glucosamine and chondroitin. Thus, it supports a wide range of the body systems including the digestive system; the immune system; joints and muscles; skin, hair, and nails; and our overall metabolism.

Among these nutrients are the glycosaminoglycans (aka GAGs) which include glucosamine, hyaluronic acid, and chondroitin sulfate. Glucosamine supports the integrity of our cartilage providing joint health, flexibility, and comfort. Hyaluronic acid is found in our connective, skin, and neural tissues. This supports healthy aging, cell rejuvenation, and skin firmness. Chondroitin is found in cartilage. It supports joint health and comfort and is needed for a healthy inflammation response. The key minerals found in bone broth include calcium, magnesium, potassium, and phosphorus. These support a variety of functions including circulation, bone density, nerve signaling, heart health, and digestive health.

And then there’s collagen! Collagen is the main structural protein found in our bodies. It forms connective tissue, protects our mucosal lining and acts as a sealant to the gastrointestinal tract. There are 19 amino acids in collagen. It is important to understand that for full digestion of collagen the stomach must be able to reach proper acidity! This is critical to understand! If you are taking acid reflux medications or other acid reducing over the counter products your stomach is not reaching the proper pH to digest proteins and specifically collagen!

The four main amino acids in collagen are: proline, glutamine, glycine, and arginine. Proline supports the integrity of the skin, hair, nails, and gut lining. It is used for tissue repair in the joints and arteries.

Glutamine maintains muscle tissue and supports the gastrointestinal tract lining. It is essential for gut repair. It also plays a role in the methylation process in supporting the synthesis of glutathione.

Glycine is one third of the protein found in collagen. It helps form muscle tissue and is found in the muscles, skin, and other tissue. One of its key roles is to convert glucose into usable energy. It also promotes detoxification and cleansing.

Arginine breaks down nitric oxide which is important for cardiovascular and arterial health. It improves vasodilation – the widening of arteries and the relaxation of muscle cells and blood vessels for better circulation. It helps to repair muscles, heal wounds, and supports proper growth and development.

There are at least 16 types of collagen in the human body. 80-90% of it is Types 1, 2, and 3. Type 1 is the most abundant and strongest in our bodies. It is found in tendons, ligaments, bones, skin, and various organs. It is used to form bones and support wound healing. The best source of Type 1 collagen is beef.

Type 2 collagen is the cartilage within our joints. It is the main collagen of our connective tissues. It supports gut healing and the immune system as well. The best sources of Type 2 collagen are chicken and turkey.

Type 3 collagen is in the extracellular matrix that comprises organs and skin. It provides the elasticity and firmness to the skin, and forms blood vessels and tissue within the heart. The best source of Type 3 collagen is beef.

While collagen is one of the ingredients in bone broth, we are also seeing many companies market collagen separate from bone broth. These are often called collagen peptides. These come from the hide of the cow, the scales of the fish, or the skin and beaks of chicken and turkey.

We are seeing bone broth available in liquid form and powder (dehydrated form) as well. Collagen peptides are only in a powder form. All the powders can be added to a variety of liquids to consume. We are also seeing some companies combine protein powder (generally whey) with collagen or a bone broth protein powder combined with collagen.

It is becoming quite confusing with the vast array of products available in the market. My main piece of advice would be to make sure the products you are consuming come from organic, pastured and grass-fed animals or wild raised fish. Like the meat of the animals, if the animals are not clean neither will their bones or skin and you will be consuming the traces of antibiotics, hormones, pesticides, and fungicides that are toxic to your body.

I am recommending my clients use a mixture of chicken, beef, and fish collagen so they can obtain a nice variety of collagen.

Bernard Rosen, PhD is a Nutrition Consultant and Educator. He works with individuals, groups, and at corporations to create individualized nutrition and wellness programs. His office is in Mequon, WI. To learn more or to schedule an appointment, e-mail at, call (262) 389-9907 or go to

Getting Rid of Unwanted “Guests”

In an earlier article, we learned why sometimes our digestion does not seem quite right and how we are exposed to and host all sorts of unwanted “guests” within our own bodies. Lots of times when the doctor cannot determine what is wrong with you or they tell you it is in your head, it may likely be these unwanted “guests” – parasites, yeast/fungi/mold, viruses, or bacteria that are taking over your body and creating a variety of symptoms.

Typical symptoms include: Allergies, anemia, asthma, bloating, chronic fatigue, constipation, Crohn’s disease, diarrhea, enlarged liver or spleen, flu-like symptoms that persist, gas, headaches, immune problems, irritable bowel, unexplained joint and muscle aches, skin problems, sleep disturbances, and teeth grinding can signal parasites, which masquerade so easily as other disorders. Some people will experience secondary gluten and/or lactose intolerance, so add food sensitivities to the list above.

This is all fine and good, but several questions remain. First, how do I know if a “guest” is the underlying cause of the symptoms? Second, what type of “guest” is it? And third, how do I get rid of it? All these are critical questions.

It is important to be aware of other causes of digestive distress which fall into three categories: food allergies/sensitivities, structural issues in the digestive tract, and ongoing emotional stress.

I will use the terms “allergies” and “sensitivities” interchangeably. They are technically not the same, yet they are each specific descriptions of an immune system response. The most common food sensitivities are wheat, gluten, dairy, corn, soy, eggs, nuts, and sugar. Then there are less common ones such as oats, other grains, the nightshade family of vegetables, other fruits, etc. I have seen all kinds of food sensitivities in my clients. And yes, you can be sensitive to a “healthy” food!

There are a variety of testing options to identify food issues: blood tests, saliva tests, and of course muscle testing. Once the underlying cause is identified the solution is simple – avoid the foods that are causing the problem.

Second, there could be structural issues in the digestive tract: insufficient hydrochloric acid, insufficient bile, lack of a gall bladder, acid/alkaline imbalance in the small or large intestines, lack of digestive enzymes. To learn more about the structure and function of the digestive system click here and scroll through the articles:

Blood testing, saliva testing, and muscle testing can also be used here to identify the underlying issue. Once the cause is identified there are a variety of nutritional support products such as enzymes, probiotics, acid/alkaline balancers, and digestive tract healers.
Third, there can be excessive emotional stress. Too much stress keeps our body in a sympathetic nervous system response which is a problem as digestion is optimized as a parasympathetic nervous system function.

This can be identified through saliva testing of hormones or muscle testing or simply an awareness of current stressors in one’s life. It can be helpful to learn stress reduction techniques such as breathing and meditation to help alleviate some stress and to break the constant sympathetic nervous system response.

The next question is what type of “guest” are we dealing with. Testing options include muscle testing, stool testing, saliva testing, and blood testing. I have found muscle testing to be most helpful and the most cost effective. I previously used stool and saliva testing more frequently, but find I get similar results from muscle testing, and verification from blood testing.

Stool and saliva testing can identify parasites, yeast, fungus, and bacterial infections, along with inflammatory markers in the small and large intestines, pancreatic enzyme activity levels, and blood in the stool. Blood testing can identify chronic and acute infections from bacteria, parasites, and viruses, and suggest hydrochloric acid levels in the stomach. Often, we are told that our blood tests are “normal.” It is critical to remember that “normal” does not mean “optimal” or “healthy”. When we look at the details of the total white blood cell count and the differential we can observe patterns that suggest chronic and/or acute infection patterns.

Once we know what we are dealing then we use the proper remedies. Each type of issue requires its own protocol. The remedies I use include herbs, homeopathics, and nutritional products that are antimicrobial. Depending on the “guest” there are anti-virals, anti-fungals, anti-yeast, anti-mold, anti-parasites, and anti-bacterial varieties. There are also enzymes, probiotics, and other gut healers to support the digestive tract. To determine the specific protocol for each person I use muscle testing. I have many different products in the office and I use the muscle testing to identify the specific supplement(s) for each individual.

I hope this article has helped you to better understand the process and see that there is definitely a solution to digestive distress. This is one of the most common issues that clients come to the office for and one that is always resolved if the client is compliant with the recommendations. It important to recognize that getting rid of the unwanted “guest” and healing the digestive tract is a process that generally takes at least 3-4 months and for some people up to a year.

Bernard Rosen, PhD is a Nutrition Consultant and Educator. He works with individuals, groups, and at corporations to create individualized nutrition and wellness programs. His office is in Mequon, WI. To learn more or to schedule an appointment, e-mail at, call (262) 389-9907 or go to

April 2017 Newsletter: Four Hot Topics of Natural Health

Thanks for all the enthusiasm for last month’s Open House! It was awesome! Somehow we got all 30 people comfortable in the office. Also special thanks to my wife, Susana, for suggesting the idea and then preparing all the yummy and healthy food for the event!

We had great discussion and learning related to four topics:

First, we talked about the importance of the lymphatic system for proper drainage of waste and toxins from the body. While I was tongue-in-cheek with my yoga pants remarks, it is a valid point. Tight yoga pants (as well as other tight clothes) restrict the flow of lymph. Over time this can cause a wide variety of health issues from increased toxicity. We demonstrated some simple muscle testing techniques to see if additional lymph drainage support was required. If you want more information on this check out the March 2017 newsletter.

Second, we learned about auto-immune disease. We learned what causes it and what can be done from a natural perspective to prevent and reverse these diseases. Look for a feature article on this topic in next month’s newsletter. If this is relevant to you now and you would like to learn more now about a natural solution please call the office and schedule an appointment.

Third, we talked about the importance of the brain and the nervous system to overall health. Without proper balance in these systems it is difficult for complete healing to occur. We demonstrated some simple muscle testing techniques to see if the brain and nervous system are balanced. And, we saw which supplements can help bring the body back to balance.

Fourth, we learned about the nutritional deficiencies caused by hormone based birth control methods and how these specific deficiencies are strongly associated with depression, low energy, and thyroid issues which seem to affect significant numbers of women. Please see the article below for more detail on this topic.

I am pleased to announce the next Open House which will be Thursday, May 4 at 7:00 PM at my office. I’m planning to discuss two topics which emerged from feedback from the Open House. They will be Graceful Aging for Women and Men and The Anti-Inflammatory Diet.

Nutritional Deficiencies Caused by Hormone Based Birth Control
What you will read below is how the nutrients depleted by hormone based birth control pills play a major role in overall health and may be directly responsible for some of the issues experienced by the women using them including: depression, low energy, and thyroid issues.

Birth control is big business! It is marketed for a variety of purposes to women aged 10-60! They are claimed to make periods “regular”, “lighter”, or “less painful”; to relieve menstrual headaches; to control endometriosis; to clear acne; to help with Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome; to help with peri-menopausal changes; and “may lower” ovarian and endometrial cancer risk. Whether or not they live up to these claims is highly debatable.

These oral contraceptives are marketed as “hormones”, but they are not natural – they are synthetic estrogens and progesterone. As such, they do not act the same of natural hormones. In fact they are suppressing the normal cycle, not “regulating” it. They create a false period. One of the ways the female body clears toxins is through the monthly shedding of the uterine lining. This “false period” creates the condition where there is less cleansing of toxins.

For the rest of the article click here:

Improving Health One Client at a Time

I’m thankful for the opportunity to learn from the best and do my part to pass it along to my clients. It is a joy to see my clients improve their health.

“Thank you so much!! Your care is tremendous and I’m so fortunate to have the opportunity to work with you!! Thanks again!!”

Nutrient Deficiencies Caused by Hormone-based Birth Control

Note: This article is not intended as a debate about birth control. It is intended to offer education regarding nutritional deficiencies that are known to be caused by the use of hormone based birth control. Most medications have known associated nutrient depletions. There are multiple books available on this subject. While the books are helpful in listing the depletions, they do not discuss the ramifications of these deficiencies. The purpose of this article is to take that next step and help individuals make better informed decisions. If you use or intend to use this form of birth control, you may want to consider nutritional supplementation.

What you will read below is how the nutrients depleted by hormone based birth control pills play a major role in overall health and may be directly responsible for some of the issues experienced by the women using them including: depression, low energy, and thyroid issues.

Birth control is big business! It is marketed for a variety of purposes to women aged 10-60! They are claimed to make periods “regular”, “lighter”, or “less painful”; to relieve menstrual headaches; to control endometriosis; to clear acne; to help with Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome; to help with peri-menopausal changes; and “may lower” ovarian and endometrial cancer risk. Whether or not they live up to these claims is highly debatable.

These oral contraceptives are marketed as “hormones”, but they are not natural – they are synthetic estrogens and progesterone. As such, they do not act the same of natural hormones. In fact they are suppressing the normal cycle, not “regulating” it. They create a false period. One of the ways the female body clears toxins is through the monthly shedding of the uterine lining. This “false period” creates the condition where there is less cleansing of toxins.

There are numerous known side effects including headaches, vomiting, unclear speech, dizziness, weakness or numbness in arms or legs, chest pain, coughing blood, shortness of breath, rash, heavy bleeding, blood clots, stroke, leg pain, altered vision, stomach pain, loss of appetite, tired, weak, fever, swelling, and depression. In fact, many women quickly discontinue usage due to these side effects.

It is likely that many of these side effects are associated with the nutrient depletions. Following is a very brief description of the key impacts of some of these nutrients:

Vitamin B2 (Riboflavin) and Vitamin B6 (Pyridoxine): These have many functions, but a major one is the tryptophan pathway. Tryptophan is an essential amino acid and a precursor to melatonin and serotonin. Melatonin is a key anti-oxidant and important for sleep; serotonin is important for mood. Depression is associated with lack of serotonin.

Vitamin B2 is also an integral part of enzymes involved in oxidation reduction reactions that drive cell respiration. What does that mean? It is critical in our cell making energy for our body. It also supports the function of antioxidant enzymes and interacts with the other B vitamins. It promotes a healthy immune system and regulates the activity of 50 of our enzymes.

Vitamin B6 plays an important role in our metabolic reactions, specifically amino acid metabolism (making proteins for your body to use in building itself) and glycogen utilization (blood sugar control). B6 also acts as a co-enzyme for 100 other enzymes that play key roles in many biological processes. It is also involved in supporting the production of hormones and neurotransmitters – the chemicals that are directing all your body’s activities.

Vitamin B9 (Folate): Folate is key to the process of methylation which covers just about everything our body does – from clearing of toxins to energy production to neurotransmitter regulation to DNA replication. Folate is critical to the metabolism of nucleic acids and amino acids. Because of this, it supports overall growth and development and blood cell formation and supports normal growth of the fetus.

Vitamin B12: Shortages of B12 can cause anemia. B12 is a cofactor for two, yet very important enzymes. One is used for methionine metabolism. Methionine is an essential amino acid. The other enzyme aids in producing energy from proteins and fats. Overall B12 supports the nervous system, promotes the maturation of red blood cells (hence the tie to anemia when deficient in B12) and other cells, and supports bone and joint health.

Vitamin C: Many functions, chief among them immune system support. Vitamin C is also involved in forming collagen which is in our connective tissue. It also facilitates iron absorption and assists in cholesterol metabolism. So it is helping the blood, cardiovascular, endocrine, immune, musculoskeletal, and nervous systems.

Zinc: Many functions, main co-factor in many biological processes plus immune system support. Zinc supports the formation of many enzymes and insulin. The same insulin we need for blood sugar control. It also assists with wound healing, reproductive organ growth and development, and metabolism of phosphorus, carbohydrates, and proteins. Putting it simply – zinc helps many body processes work.

Magnesium: Many functions and most people are deficient even without being on hormonal birth control. Magnesium aids in enzyme activation; helps metabolize blood sugar; supports healthy nerve and muscle function; assists in forming bones and teeth; and plays a role in nucleic acid, protein, carbohydrate, and fat synthesis.

Tyrosine: A building block of thyroid hormone. Shortage of tyrosine can then lead to low thyroid symptoms.

Selenium: Many functions, among them converting thyroid hormones from storage form (T4) to available form (T3) and for breast health. Selenium supports a healthy immune system response, prostaglandin production (hormone precursors), and healthy reproductive, pancreatic, and thyroid functions.

CoQ10: A key nutrient for energy production in the mitochondria.

It is evident that the nutrients depleted by hormone based birth control pills play a major role in overall health. When we look at three main health concerns of women today (depression, low energy, and thyroid issues) there is a very strong association between these symptoms and the nutrient being depleted by birth control pills.

Bernard Rosen, PhD is a Nutrition Consultant and Educator. He works with individuals, groups, and at corporations to create individualized nutrition and wellness programs. His office is in Mequon, WI. To learn more or to schedule an appointment, e-mail at, call (262) 389-9907 or go to

March 2017 Newsletter: Loosen Up Your Yoga Pants and Let Your Lymph Flow and Open House Next Week

As I’ve mentioned in previous newsletters the part of my job that I like best is the continuing education. The opportunity to learn from the best healers in the country (likely the world) and to bring that back to the office to help my clients is awesome. I am truly thankful and feel very fortunate.

As I write this newsletter I’ve just returned from Concordia 2017, Physica Energetics conference and pre-conference. This year’s title is, “Beyond Flat World Medicine.” The pre-conference featured Dr. Davis Brockenshire and Dr. Robert Cass covering muscle testing techniques and a review of the product formulations. The conference features nine additional leading natural healers and practitioners, discussing topics such as what are the obstacles to healing and the nutritional deficiencies caused by hormone birth control methods.

One of the key components to nutritional healing is known as “drainage.” Without proper drainage organs and systems can become congested by toxins which can cause damage and create an obstacle to the healing process. Proper drainage of the Lymphatic System is critical for health. Read below for how yoga pants and tight fitting clothes may have an adverse affect on your body.

Also during February and March I am participating in a web-based training with Dr. Michael Gaeta, the Autoimmune Mastery Program. It is a six week program covering natural solutions for autoimmune diseases with additional sessions on Lyme disease and fibromyalgia. Dr. Gaeta works mainly with Standard Process and MediHerb products.

I look at these two trainings as the best of both worlds. Physica Energetics and Standard Process are the two top nutritional supplement lines I work with. I love the opportunity to learn more about them both and to bring this knowledge to my clients! Physica and Standard Process products work synergistically together as well. Both product lines were influenced by Dr. Royal Lee and his main formulator John Courtney.

Want to hear more? I’d love to share a few gems of learning from these two trainings with you at my Open House next week – March 9 at 7:00 PM. See below for details.

Loosen Your Yoga Pants
Sure, those yoga pants look great on you, but wearing them all day may not be optimal for your body. Your Lymphatic System is in charge of taking out cellular waste (think of it as your garbage removal system). Unlike the circulatory system or the digestive system, it does not have a pump. That is why movement is important to overall health as it creates pressure changes allowing the lymph to flow properly.

So what’s wrong with yoga pants (or other tight fitting clothes)? The same compression that keeps them tight to your body inhibits the flow of the lymph resulting in a congested lymphatic system. This condition is compounded by exercise. When you exercise you increase cellular waste. This waste wants to flow out. The yoga pants are blocking it. This creates toxic cells, an inflammatory response and can lead to a disease state. Also, inflammation brings water and water brings weight. Are you getting the picture?

Open House – March 9 at 7 PM
I’d love to share with you a few of the learning gems from these two trainings. Please come next Thursday at 7 PM to my Open House at the office at 10040 North Port Washington Road in Mequon. We’ll share some healthy food (soup, salad, and a desert) and some healthy knowledge. To make the session livelier I’ll be demonstrating some simple muscle testing techniques to see if you need some minerals (especially magnesium), if your brain is in balance, if your heart is in balance, and if your lymphatic system is draining. And we’ll be taste testing a new green powder called VitaLife Force from Physica Energetics – one tablespoon per day is all you need!

Here’s the questions I’ll be answering:
1. Why are you on my case about my yoga pants? What’s the big deal about lymph drainage?
2. Are there natural solutions to auto-immune disease?
3. Is my brain balanced? Do I need magnesium?
4. What nutritional deficiencies are caused by hormone birth control methods?

Not sure you want to join me? I’m offering an added incentive. You will receive 10% off your next supplement purchase and if you bring a friend who becomes a new client you’ll receive 15% off your next supplement purchase and your friend will get $50 off their initial consult!

The Power of Natural Solutions

Here’s one of the best healing stories from the past year.

My client wrote this along with the testimonial below, “Hope this is okay! It was a joy to recall how much my life has changed in this last year. Thank you so much!”

“Before I started working with Bernie, I was almost hopeless about ever finding the help I needed. At only 23, I had been experiencing joint pain, inflammation, brain fog, headaches, fatigue, irritability, constant muscle cramps, stiffness…the list goes on, for years already. I had been tested for MS, lupus, Lyme disease, rheumatoid arthritis, etc. and was getting nowhere. The last “solution” I received from a doctor was to go on an anti-depressant. I felt like I’d hit rock-bottom. Within 3 weeks of seeing Bernie, following his nutrition and supplement plan, my life had changed. It is not an overstatement to say it was as if I was a new person who finally had my life back. Bernie was thorough in explaining to me what the issues were and helped me remain positive and hopeful in my journey of healing. I am so grateful!”

February 2017 Newsletter: HPV No More and Referral Bonus Offer

Believe it or not, one of the most challenging tasks I face each month is the monthly newsletter. I’ve been doing the newsletter since 2010, now over six years. The challenge to keep it fresh, interesting, and timely; and at the same time not too controversial. Upon completion it is also one of my most rewarding activities of the month. I receive many positive comments from clients, other readers, and particularly Sofia from Argentina (my mother-in-law).

Over the past few years there has been a simultaneous change in the growth and scope of my practice. Fewer and fewer people come to me with the question about what to eat. When I started in the nutrition business over 10 years ago very few people knew what Paleo meant, let alone heard of a Paleo Diet. People were still afraid of butter and fat. Today bone broth, protein smoothies, full fat, grass fed beef are pretty much mainstream. There are countless books and websites to learn and purchase.

Yet, my practice continues to grow. It has evolved into customized nutrition programs for my clients. Utilizing client symptom information, muscle testing and blood testing we are able to determine what is causing stress and how to remedy it. Most people, even if they have transitioned to a healthy diet, still have nutritional deficiencies or toxins that are producing symptoms in their bodies. Or in other cases, they have some mysterious, unresolved health issue that either their doctor tells them “it is in your head”, or its “normal”, or will not resolve.

My business is built on referrals and I thank you all for helping my business grow. Below I highlight a recent case that I think you’ll find interesting.

With the New Year underway this is the time people start to take a close look at their health. If you have benefited from working with me, and you have relatives, friends, or acquaintances that you feel could be helped by a nutritional consult, now is the time to reach out to them. And, if you reach out to them, I’ll reach out to you. For each referral you will get a $25 off voucher to use on supplements or consultation time.

HPV No More
Here’s the case of someone who was referred to me last April. She was told she was deficient in minerals. That was true, but she also was suffering from HPV. We used muscle testing to identify which specific supplements would help her and here’s where we are now:

“I have tested positive for the HPV virus since 2012. My strain of HPV was persistent and I underwent two LEEP (loop electrosurgical excision procedure) procedures to remove abnormal cells. I started working with Rosen Wellness on April 28th of 2016, and in January of 2017 I learned that I no longer tested positive for the HPV virus. I believe this is due to the support I received through Rosen Wellness and Bernie Rosen.”

Her doctors were shocked. They had never seen this happen before. What is interesting to me is how they react. They do not ask her for more information on what she did. Perhaps another patient could benefit from the knowledge. Rather, they just told her to keep doing it! You would think that this might be a learning opportunity, but unfortunately that just does not happen.

Good Supplements Bad Supplements

One of my most popular public talks is called “Good Supplements Bad Supplements.” The reason it is so popular is that most of the general public is very confused about whether or not to use nutritional supplements. “If vitamins are supposed to be good for us, why do I read in the paper and hear on television reports they are not?”

There are many articles written by “experts” such as the September 2016 article in Consumer Reports that pan the use of supplements. Two years ago I reported on another study that concluded that vitamin supplementation was not helpful (and in fact some suggested it could be harmful). There were no significant differences in positive outcomes between people taking vitamins and those not taking them. Another study specific to Vitamin E and “antioxidant” supplementation found that those taking the supplements experienced worse outcomes (more heart disease and cancer) than those not taking the supplements.

For years we have been told by alternative health practitioners and the vitamin and supplement industry that Vitamin E and “antioxidants” are supposed to protect against heart disease and cancer. This appears to be counter-intuitive. Can they both be right?

The surprising answer is yes, they can both be “right.” It all depends what was being tested and understanding the basic principles behind vitamin metabolism in the human body. Vitamins appear in nature as part of a complex composed of several biochemical factors. For example, in nature Vitamin C is in an orange and Vitamin E is in wheat germ and leafy green vegetables. However, this is not what was “studied” in the research. What was used were alpha tocopherol as Vitamin E and ascorbic acid as Vitamin C. The government allows you to say these are the same things. But they are not. Ascorbic acid and alpha tocopherol are produced in laboratories – they are synthetic vitamins. For example you can combine sulphuric acid and sugar and get ascorbic acid.

Without going into all the details let’s take a simple example of how this works in the human body, not in a test tube. Scurvy is a Vitamin C deficiency disease. British sailors used lemons and limes to prevent scurvy on their long ocean voyages. Guess what happens if you give ascorbic acid to someone with scurvy? Their condition will not improve. They need the full Vitamin C complex as it is in nature, as the British sailors used, not the fractionated part made in a lab.

When we provide only the fractionated, synthetically produced “vitamin” we are not getting the true vitamin as nature intended. Unfortunately some 95% of all vitamin products sold today fall into the synthetic category.

Let’s take a look at the Consumer Reports article claims. As I said I agree with much of what they say, but we also need to look at the full picture.

They say that vitamin manufacturers “don’t have to secure Food and Drug Administration approval to sell their products, and their facilities aren’t policed the same way as pharmaceutical companies.” True, not the same way, but they are still subject to inspections and regulations. If you don’t believe me go on a tour of the Standard Process manufacturing facility and see what they do!

The article suggests that supplements are unproven and unsafe and offers figures on complaints, health problems, life threatening conditions, and deaths from supplements. I’m sure those reports are true, but they do not say specifically which products cause the most problems and what other factors may be involved. There are definitely poor quality supplements made by questionable manufacturers that are purchased regularly by the unsuspecting public. Yet, at the same time they fail to point out that much larger numbers of people have similar reactions to medications! Death by medication happens to be one of the leading causes of mortality in the United States!

They provide a list of “15 ingredients to always avoid.” I don’t have the time or space to go through all of them and again in some instances they are correct. One example of not telling the full story is red yeast rice. Red yeast rice is often the natural alternative to a statin medication. The article lists claimed benefits and then risks of red yeast rice. What is not mentioned is that all the risks associated with red yeast rice are identical to the side effects of statins!

One of the true problem areas of supplements are the “quick-fix” highly promoted ones such as weight loss, body building, and sexual enhancement. These are commonly found to contain pharmaceutical drugs or illegal chemicals. This does not surprise me. Like in all industries, there are some bad actors and the supplement industry is no different. These types of supplements are frequently sold with false or misleading claims on the label.

The last point is they mention the increasing popularity of supplements being distributed by doctors and hospitals and how there is an increase in associated problems. This makes perfect sense to me for two reasons. First, these people are really not trained in the proper use of nutritional supplements and second they are using mostly synthetic vitamins and poorly made herbal formulas.

The lesson of this is buying cheap, synthetic, fractionated vitamins is likely a waste of money which is common to all the studies and the article. You may have experienced this yourself when you have noticed bright yellow urine after taking a “B-Complex” vitamin. Your body can’t use the stuff, so it is getting rid of it.

However, eating real food and using supplements that have been made from real whole foods will provide you with the promised health benefits. This is based on real research. The original studies and identification of vitamins was done with real foods and seeing the effects of removing these foods from animal diets. Specific diseases (the vitamin deficiency diseases) that humans were experienced were reproduced in animals based on the real foods. So, it is real. Specific vitamins do support specific functions in the body but only do so when they are delivered in the natural form in which the body was designed to utilize them.

Bernard Rosen, PhD is a Nutrition Consultant and Educator. He works with individuals, groups, and at corporations to create individualized nutrition and wellness programs. His office is in Mequon, WI. To learn more or to schedule an appointment, e-mail at, call (262) 389-9907 or go to

April 2016 Newsletter – Introducing A New Soy Based Diet That Gets Your Cholesterol to 150!

Hopefully all of you recognize that headline as an April Fool’s!

Unfortunately there are still many nutrition “experts” and mainstream medical personnel who believe soy is a health food and your cholesterol should be 150! In fact, these are just two of my favorite nutrition myths that I am compelled to debunk each and every day with my clients.

In the spirit of April Fool’s I’d like to review these top nutrition myths and provide you with the relevant information so you too can debunk them. Please see the featured article below for the details.

I’d also like to thank all my clients and mentors for their ongoing support. This past month of March 2016 was the best ever for my business. My business is primarily based on referrals and word of mouth. Satisfied clients refer their friends and relatives and it all goes from there. There is nothing more satisfying then when a client has normal bowel movements after three years of diarrhea or when migraine headaches no longer occur after years of suffering. It is an honor to work with each and every client as they become healthier and their health issues are resolved.

Don’t Be Fooled: Nutrition Myths Busted – Part 1

Following are seven nutrition myths that I come across on a daily basis. Unfortunately, most of them are still widely accepted in the mainstream medical and media worlds (and some even in the “alternative” medical world). Most of these topics I’ve written about in prior newsletters and articles. Since this is a newsletter and not a book I will cover each one briefly and then provide links for your further reading. Also, not to over burden you, I will split this article up between this newsletter and next month.

1. All calories are created equal.
Do you believe eating a hard-boiled egg or a half slice of piece of white bread can have the same effect in your body? They have a similar caloric count. If you cut back your calories each week to lose weight and you keep doing that will you eventually disappear from weight loss? Not likely. For the full story click here:

2. Cholesterol causes heart disease.
We all have heard of people with “normal” cholesterol dropping dead from a heart attack. Even the cholesterol medications do not state they reduce the risk of heart disease, they only reduce cholesterol. Yet, we need cholesterol. It is the base ingredient for our steroid hormones. Perhaps that’s why there are so many side effects associated with statin medications. The real question is why is your body making cholesterol and what does it mean? Here’s one of my articles on cholesterol: And here’s a great website:

3. Artificial sweeteners are safe.
Sorry, they’re not. They contain many harmful (potentially cancer causing) chemicals and while they don’t raise your blood sugar levels (they can’t because they’re not food) they still can cause an insulin response. For all the details click here:
If you want even more detail, here’s an excellent web site:

4. Soy is a health food.
Not really. You can’t digest it, it inhibits thyroid hormone production, and can cause hormone disruptions, plus it is mostly GMO. Other than that – it’s great! Here’s my article: For more information I encourage you to go to the Weston Price Foundation web site and read their vast collection of soy articles:

5. Eating animal protein causes cancer (The China Study). – sorry, you’ll have to wait for next month’s newsletter.

6. Antioxidants are essential nutrients. – sorry, you’ll have to wait for next month’s newsletter.

7. There is no way to reverse Type II diabetes. – sorry, you’ll have to wait for next month’s newsletter.

Don’t be fooled!!

March 2016 Newsletter – March on Minerals!

March on Minerals!
Hard to believe it is March 1, especially as I look out my window and see some snow coming down! Fortunately it does not look like the 4-8 inches that they were predicting last night!

In a couple of weeks the NCAA’s March Madness begins – several crazy weeks of college basketball coming up! On the theme of madness and crazy this month’s newsletter looks at minerals. Why? Certain minerals are calming to the nervous system. They’ll help us cope with the pressure of how our bracket is doing in the office pool!

But in all seriousness, minerals are essential to our life. While minerals in general are involved in all our functions there are specific minerals that are utilized by specific endocrine glands. See below for the minerals and glands pairings.

The only way to get minerals is to eat them! Our bodies do not make them. Please enjoy the articles below on the importance of minerals.

Magnesium and Calcium: Are You Deficient?

We hear a lot about the importance of calcium and magnesium to our health. I’ve attended several seminars recently where this was emphasized. One presenter said he checks for calcium, magnesium, and other minerals on all his clients. Why are minerals so important to us? They assist the body in energy production – minerals contain no calories or energy. They work with vitamins and enzymes to fuel all our metabolic processes. Our health cannot be optimized if these processes are impaired.

For the rest of the article click here:

Links to Additional Articles on Minerals

Here’s some additional articles on minerals:
The Three Minerals You Need to Balance Your Nervous System:

Know Your Nutrients – A Few More Important Minerals:

Minerals for A Strong Immune System:

Minerals for Healthy Bones:

Minerals and Glands
As mentioned above specific minerals are essential to the proper functioning of specific glands in the body. Here is a list:
Pituitary Gland – Manganese
Thyroid Gland – Iodine
Pancreas – Chromium
Adrenal Gland – Copper
Prostate Gland and Uterus – Zinc
Testicles and Ovaries – Selenium

For more information on the endocrine glands here’s the link to the page that links to all my previous articles:

For more information on the prostate gland here’s two articles:
Healthy Prostate Part 1:

Healthy Prostate Part 2: