SHAPE ReClaimed Testimonials

“Thank you, Susana and Bernie, for introducing me to SHAPE ReClaimed at your open house in July. Two weeks ago I started the program with Susana and I have lost over 7 pounds! I can’t tell you how relieved I am to see a steady decline in my weight after the past two years of constant weight gain and numerous dead end diets I tried! This is the first time I have had no painful struggles with eating what I need to and getting through the day. I have no cravings, no blood sugar highs and lows—I just feel strong all day. I’m excited to keep on this program because it works and is giving me real results.”

Three months later:

“I’m so excited about my current progress… I’m three months in and very very close to 25 pounds lost and my biometric  blood work shows progress towards my goal of better inner health. I’m even close to donating some of clothes cuz they are too big! 😊 ” S.O.

“I have been on the drops for 7 days as off today. I had a menstrual cycle for the last 33 years every month with significant cramps at a point that was not able to tolerate them without Tylenol or Ibuprofen for the first 2 days every month.  This is my second day of my cycle and had not need any medication.” S.S.