“For many years, I have suffered with bouts of headaches, insomnia and fatigue that were sometimes merely bothersome, other times completely disabling. I’ve been through all the medical and blood tests, seen allergists and naturopaths, psychologists and pain-management specialists, and nothing has really helped. So, my expectations of ever finding the reason for my disabling headaches and fatigue – much less a cure – were quite low. In fact, non-existent. Six weeks ago, I walked into Bernie’s yoga class with a friend. The first thing Bernie said to me was, “You look familiar”… and it turned out that we had gone attended business school together 20 years ago. Naturally, I was curious about the path that led him from marketing management to teaching yoga. We talked a while after class, and I found out that he had completed his PhD in Nutrition. I shared with him some of my health challenges, listened to his solid and grounded approach to nutrition, and decided to join his list of nutrition clients.

Now, six weeks and three one-on-one sessions later, I have gone from skeptic to believer. Bernie provided clear, straightforward scientific reasons for recommending my particular diet and nutritional supplements, and I have followed them to a tee, with great results. My head is clear, I haven’t had a headache for 6 weeks, I’m sleeping straight through the night, and I have significantly more energy. Oh, and I lost 10 pounds to boot.

It may sound trite, but running into Bernie at yoga that morning literally changed my life. I now know what I can do to keep myself feeling strong and well. As I say, I was quite skeptical at the outset. I have always been careful to eat what I considered a healthy diet, but there is so much mis-information out there that much of what Bernie showed me was new to me, and quite revolutionary. And it has worked.” L. S.