Improve Digestion

“Hi Bernie, I wanted to share with you that I had Hydro therapy today and no visible worms! This is great news the [remedies] are working! I hope I test the same with you when I see you! Had to share, you’re one of few I can tell! Hope you have a great evening!” D.A.

“Based on my meeting with you I have taken your advice on diet changes and I’ve noticed…changes in how I feel when it comes to the symptoms of my colitis…I have noticed wonderful results from the supplements that you recommended to me. They feel soothing on my insides and comforting.

I have taken your advice on eliminating gluten and dairy…still have traces here and there but I have GREATLY cut back. No more cold cereal. I start every morning with a fruit smoothie with my protein powder and oils, and milled flax seed. I snack on nuts and fruit. I keep a close watch on how much fiber I am getting so I do not upset my symptoms any worse. I also pay close attention to how foods affect me; if they make me tired I don’t eat them. If I feel good from them I add them more often. I have cut sugar out and that is actually the greatest change for me. I know that is does nothing positive for me, it make this disease worse, it will make me fat, and I hate the low I get so quickly after the high. I am eating to live, not living to eat.

Having Ulcerative Colitis has made me so thankful for every single day that I feel good, and it makes me pray harder on the days I don’t. I know that God is the ultimate Healer, but I also know that he has led me to the people that are making a positive effort to keep me well. Thank you for all you’ve done for me!” J.S.

“I am doing so well since we started working together. I used to have gas and bloating regularly, but now it occurs very infrequently. I’ve been gluten free for about 10 months and at this point, I don’t even miss any of the gluten products. As a bonus, I’ve lost about 5 pounds without even trying! I’m also limiting soy and dairy, since neither is very good for me. I’ve given up caffeine, Splenda, wine, and chocolate since they are all potential triggers for migraines. Overall, I feel healthy, I have good energy, I sleep well, I’m generally headache free, and my digestive system is working well! Thank you for being so optimistic when we started working together, and for giving me the advice and guidance I needed to stay on track.” J.E.

“My husband says it is now safe for him to go into the bathroom after me.” M.G.