Blood Chemistry – Raising Iron, Lowering Cholesterol, Lowering Blood Sugar

“After a routine blood screening ordered by my Internist, I learned that I was anemic and that some of my other counts were off. I was sent to a Hematologist and a GI doctor. Eight vials of blood, an endoscopy, colonoscopy, and small intestine camera study later, it was determined that I had no blood or GI cancer, and that I should go to Walgreens, buy some iron pills, and come back in 2 months to be retested. Instead of going to Walgreens and taking the over the counter, highly constipating, stomach upsetting synthetic iron pills, I went to Bernie. He reviewed my numbers, gave me iron capsules that didn’t cause any ill side effects, and several other supplements as well. Went back to the Hematologist today to get my results. He couldn’t believe the improvement and asked me what I was taking. He had NEVER seen such a dramatic improvement in such a short time. He even asked for Bernie’s contact information he was so impressed. When I asked him if I should continue taking the iron supplements (you can have too much iron) he told me to “ask Bernie, and follow his advice.” I am obviously thrilled, relieved, and VERY grateful to Bernie!” S.B.

“In July 2008…my cholesterol level was at 236. I did not want to go on statin medications and wanted to lose weight. I started with the Standard Process Purification Program. My thought process became clearer and I felt better overall. I began following his dietary, exercise and supplement recommendations along with removing significant stressors from my life. In three months I lost 15 pounds and lowered my cholesterol to 181.” S. S.

“With Bernie’s help I’ve been able to lower my cholesterol and triglycerides levels over 50 percent. I was diagnosed with metabolic syndrome and pre-diabetic. My doctor was considering putting me on insulin in addition to the statins I was already taking. With my family history of heart disease and diabetes I was desperate to find something that would help me get off of any type of pharmaceuticals. I had read about and tried many different nutrition related advances but didn’t seem to be getting anywhere. I knew there had to be better answers than what traditions medicine provided so I went to Bernie for help and within three months of following Bernie’s professional advice my diagnosis has been reversed and my doctor has declared my numbers as excellent. As an extra bonus I lost 14 pounds without trying. Thank you Bernie!” P. P.

“I worked with Bernard to reduce cholesterol levels with out statin drugs. I am on my way to balanced levels and along the way I learned Yoga. I did not expect that so delivering extra levels of knowledge above and beyond made me very satisfied with his services. I would recommend him to anyone who wants to better their health, well being, with out the use of harmful drugs.” J.K.

“…working with Bernie…I wanted to accomplish two things: lower my early morning blood sugar and lose weight—the same weight that I’ve lost/gained, lost/gained, lost/gained for the past 40 years…I’m not dieting any more! I did make a terrific lifestyle change! Result? …I can’t wait for my next doctor’s appointment. I’ve already impressed the diabetic nurse by successfully lowering ALL my blood sugars—not just the AM one and losing 25 pounds. Bernie is very knowledgeable and…he specifically tailored his recommendations to me.” L.B.