“It’s been over 4 years since Bernie discovered my corn sensitivity. Before I had visited Bernie, I had every medical test you could think of. I had many appointments with numerous doctors, blood tests, even a colonoscopy and endoscopy. All showed that I was perfectly “healthy”. I had been suffering from horrible headaches, fatigue, weight loss, pale/gray skin, rashes and horrible anxiety.  Once I took the corn derivatives out of my diet, I finally healed. I suffered for two years with these symptoms and spent so much time, energy and money on a search for diagnosis and cure.   

I wish I would have gone to Bernie before my exhausting journey, but I had a lesson to learn. I now like to help people gain knowledge from my experience. I recommend everyone who has health issues to get tested and learn what their body is sensitive to.  It’s amazing what a lifestyle and diet change can do for your life!” J.R.

“Hi Bernie, just wanted to tell you the itching is pretty much gone. You were right, it just took time. I don’t think any doctor would have figured out that it was the chemicals. I really appreciate you…thanks again.” F.C.

“The most striking thing I have noticed in “changes” is the way my skin looks. My face is absolutely vibrant, which is not something I would normally describe my skin to be. It’s cleared up, it’s glowing, and there are virtually no pores that are visible. My whole life I’ve dealt with problem skin, so it’s very eye-opening to see what changes in my diet can do to affect it.” K.Y.

“I have tested positive for the HPV virus since 2012. My strain of HPV was persistent and I underwent two LEEP (loop electrosurgical excision procedure) procedures to remove abnormal cells.  I started working with Rosen Wellness on April 28th of 2016, and in January of 2017 I learned that I no longer tested positive for the HPV virus. I believe this is due to the support I received through Rosen Wellness and Bernie Rosen.” J.L.