Yoga for Exercise and Relaxation

“Bernie knows more about nutrition than anyone I know. He has a great ability to cut through marketing hype to get to the core of what we should be eating to maintain a healthy and balanced life. I also attend Bernie’s yoga class – it is amazing how much better I feel after attending. I highly, highly recommend Bernie for both nutritional support and yoga!” M. M.

“I have been working with Bernie for several months now with personal yoga coaching. Mainly because of special needs. Bernie is very willing to work within my limitations, all while pushing me to improve. I would highly recommend Bernie.” B.L.

“Bernie was one of the lead instructors for my Yoga teacher training. He did an exceptional job as an instructor/facilitator and it was through the teacher training that Bernie shared his extensive knowledge of holistic nutrition. I hired Bernie for nutrition consulting and the results have been profound. Through Bernie’s guidance I have improved my diet and made significant positive changes in my lifestyle. For example, the changes that Bernie suggested for my daily breakfast have created a consistent energy level throughout the morning and I no longer have to deal with the carbohydrate low in the morning that I have been grappling with for years. I would recommend Bernie for his yoga and nutrition training and consulting. His guidance will benefit any person desiring to make positive changes in their life.” J.V.