Wow! April already! That means it is Spring time!  Many of us take the time to do our “spring cleaning” but that is often external as we clean up and get rid of the junk that has accumulated around us.  It’s also a great time to apply that same concept to our body and mind by doing our own internal spring cleaning to purify our body and get rid of the junk (toxins) that we have accumulated over the winter.  I’ll be starting the Purification Program next week and I’d like to invite you all to join me!  As a special encouragement, I’ll be offering $10 off the program this month.  Many of my clients have done this and almost all of them love it – they have more energy, they sleep better, they digest better, and they lose a few pounds (I like to call that a “side effect”).  If you haven’t done it yet and are interested give me a call or read about it here
For those of you following me on the various social media networks I recently completed my Nutrient of the Day feature.  I have repackaged some of the postings as full articles.  Last month was key minerals for the bones and an article on the B vitamins.  This month I discuss the three most important minerals for the immune system (see below).  It is my goal to deliver information that my readers find interesting and I recently asked what else you’d like to hear about.  One response was the “Hazard of the Day” so look for that coming soon! 
Nutrition Response Testing Now Available
This past month I traveled to Pittsburgh to learn a technique called Nutrition Response Testing.  It is a form of Applied Kinesiology, better known as muscle testing.  The goal is to identify the specific body functions that need the most immediate nutritional support and to determine the specific supplements to help the body.  How exactly it works is difficult to explain.  You have to experience it and I’d like to offer you the opportunity to do so. 
I’m in the process of evaluating whether I’ll use it in my nutrition consulting practice.   I’m offering free evaluations to help hone my skills.  You may think, “Sure a free evaluation and then you’ll recommend a whole bunch of supplements.”  Not at all, in fact, I promise not to sell you any supplements as a result of the evaluation after this visit.  Why?  I want to see if I get consistent and repeatable results.  If I do, then I know it is something I can use to benefit my clients.  I’ll ask you to come back a second time and we’ll repeat the process and see what we get!  If you’d like to give it a whirl, give me a call or send me an e-mail.  I’d appreciate the help and I can guarantee you’ll find the experience very interesting.
Three Key Minerals to Build the Immune System
This month we continue our look at minerals.  As a quick refresher minerals are important to us for several reasons.  First, they assist the body in energy production – minerals contain no calories or energy.  They work with vitamins and enzymes to fuel all your metabolic processes.  We do not make minerals so they must come from the earth and what we eat.  Unfortunately, due to soil conditions in much of the country, many of the minerals have been depleted, so they are not as readily available in the food we eat.  Today’s minerals focus on keeping us healthy while supporting our immune system.
To read about the three key minerals for the immune system click here