This is the first year in memory that the April newsletter did not contain an April’s Fool headline. Why? Unfortunately, in today’s world, it is becoming more difficult each day to separate what is real and what is “fool.” One of my long-time clients wrote me last week, “As you said big industry in bone scans and meds.” And she linked to a short video titled, “The Hidden Truth About Bone Density – The Myth of Osteoporosis.” We will share that link later in the email.

This is the inspiration for the next several newsletters as we will feature the nutrition and health myths that are still circulating and fooling people every day.

Let us begin with bone health…..


We are told that as we age our bones become weaker and if we do not act our bones will give out, we will fall, and that will lead to a wider assortment of health problems. Bone density scans are used to measure “bone health.” Osteopenia and osteoporosis are commonly diagnosed indicating a loss of bone density. Medications are prescribed to save the day. Of course, there is much more to the story.

What is really happening? Like most of our body, our bones are constantly building up and breaking down. This is the natural cycle of keeping the body strong and healthy – constant renewal of cells. This cycle involves proper nutrition, digestion, and balanced hormones.

From the nutrient side there are over 15 different nutrients that go into bone making, including Vitamin D, Vitamin K, Calcium, and Magnesium. Not only are these nutrients essential, but you need to be able to digest and absorb them effectively as well.  From the hormone side the interaction of estrogen and progesterone significantly impact bone health.

Below are some links to help educate you more on this topic. For your personalized solution we recommend you contact the office. There are many supplements available but as you know there is no one size fits all. For the best solution it is important to match the needs of your body with the supplements.

To read more about bone making minerals click here: Minerals for Healthy Bones

To read more about Vitamin K click here: Vitamin K

To read more about hormone imbalances click here: Symptoms of Hormone Imbalances

To read more about the role of digestion click here: HCl and Mineral Digestion

Here is the link to the video  The Hidden Truth About Bone Density


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