Walking the Talk

One of the themes playing itself out lately in my life is the importance of both our words and our actions. While we can say whatever we want, what we do is really where the rubber meets the road. We see this all the time. People say one thing, perhaps because it is the socially or politically acceptable thing to say, but their real world behavior is quite different. We all know these examples: the doctor that smokes cigarettes; the dietician that is excessively overweight; the nutrition whiz that eats and drinks whatever they want; or even the yogi who preaches peace and love and yet performs harmful acts.

This past week I was struggling to come up with my monthly article for the local paper. I was going to use something someone else wrote and with their permission re-write it more into my language and expression. But, as I was going to do it, it didn’t feel authentic. It wasn’t me. While it was great information, it wasn’t what I wanted to communicate. Then it occurred to me. At almost every talk I do people ask me what I eat. And there it was – the topic for an article! As I wrote the article, I realized I do walk my talk for the most part. We all have an occasional moment of food weakness (usually a sugary temptation), but overall I was pretty pleased. My next thought, what about the people whose information I follow. Do they walk the talk? Well this month I was able to experience two of these people first hand and I’ll report on that below.

To read my article on what I eat, click here: http://brwellness.blogspot.com/2010/07/walking-talk-heres-what-i-eat.html.

One last note. Also this last month I’ve been lining up my fall schedule and it is loaded already with nutrition and yoga workshops and talks, as well as with yoga teacher training. In October I’ll be at Copper Tree Wellness (Hartford, WI). In October, November, and December I’ll be at HeartSpace (Thiensville, WI). In late October I’ll be making a return to Cedar Falls, IA. And, in December I’ll be in Minneapolis. For details click here: http://brwellness.blogspot.com/2010/05/rosen-wellness-news-and-events.html.

To learn more about the YogaOne Vinyasa Flow 200 hour Teacher Training program starting in October and running through June click here: http://www.yogaonestudio.com/pages/training.html

The First Lady of Nutrition

This past month I had the privilege of studying in person with Ann Louise Gittleman. I’ve spoken of her in prior newsletters and am a big fan of her nutrition philosophy which is shared in the over 30 books she has written. On my blogs you’ll see reviews of some of my favorites. To get to the point – she walks the talk! While I was there I was able to meet some of the other people at UniKey Health that I’ve spoken with over the phone over the past several years – Liz Beck, James Templeton, Carol Templeton, and Roz Livingston. They too all walk the talk! So thanks to all of you for making we welcome and a special thanks to Ann Louise for all the information she shared.

Ann Louise is an innovator in nutrition – always coming up with something new and interesting. Her latest book Fat Flush for Life is awesome. A new weight reduction program she recently developed is the Smoothie Shakedown. If you’re looking to lose some weight in a safe way over a two week period of time this is a great plan. For more information visit http://www.unikeyhealth.com/?a=1003 and click on Smoothie Shakedown. For more information about Ann Louise visit http://www.annlouise.com/

The Master Herbalist

Also this past month my daughter Mollie who is generally very healthy had an interesting physical ailment going on. I tried all the things that I knew of that I thought would help, but we really didn’t get anywhere. After about a week, I took her to see my local Master Herbalist and author Phyllis Heitkamp. Well sure enough, she figured it out, and within just over a day, Mollie was back to normal! And as a bonus, the next week she had me over, and taught me how to make my own herbal tinctures so I now have some important ones on hand and ready. Phyllis has written two books about herbs, both available at amazon.com

Need to Eat Gluten Free and/or Dairy Free

Give me a call or send an e-mail to learn about my healthy eating meal plans, complete with shopping lists and recipes. I have gluten free, dairy free, and gluten and dairy free weekly plans. It’s a great way to get started on the road to healthier eating.