I don’t know about you, but the summer is flying by. Hard to believe it is August already. My month begins with taking my daughter Mollie to Boston to start her college academic and soccer career. While I am of course excited for her, there is of course a certain sadness as the empty nest is now here. And while Mollie starts her Freshman year, Zach will be starting his Junior year in Madison. Hard to believe he is half way done!

I too will have some big time “academic” learning starting this month. In early August, I’m attending the Symposium on Nutrition in Michigan where some of my favorite speakers will be presenting the latest and greatest on nutrition. I consider them among my mentors – Dr. Stuart White, Dr. Chad Guess, Dr. Davis Brockenshire, and Dr. Randy Tent.

In mid-August I’ve arranged for a private learning session on muscle testing with one of the best in the business – Dr. Joe Teff. He’s coming from Madison to my office to spend a day with me and train me. And in late September I’m off to Denver for Back to School for Doctors a two day seminar by the equally talented Mark Anderson.

As you can tell I’ll be learning lots of new stuff which I will be eager to share with all of you on our path to better collective health!

Common Cents to Save Dollars

It is my honest opinion that sometimes we nutritionists can make it seem too hard to be healthy, when actually it is quite simple. It is almost impossible to be 100% compliant so don’t make that your expectation. There are some rather simple things you can do that will have a great impact.

Also, on many of our minds is what seems to be the never ending rising costs associated with health care. While it may sound simple, the best way to avoid those costs is to be healthy! By adopting healthier lifestyles our need for future health care will be reduced. Some will argue that is costs more to eat healthy. I do not believe that is as true today as in the past. There are many places where you can get healthy food at reasonable prices. Particularly in the summer months you can take advantage of all the local farmers markets. And, eating healthy today will save you the higher costs of treating disease later.

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Adrenal Summit Link Update

A couple of months ago I introduced you to Glen Depke and his Adrenal Summit. As a reminder It consists of thirteen interviews with specific topic experts. While it is called The Adrenal Summit it addresses much more. It connects the dots between adrenal health and the many areas that influence it including diet, exercise, food sensitivities, blood sugar management, stress management, immune system health, thyroid health, emotional health and more.

The interviews have been recorded and you can purchase the series for $97. It is a great deal as all the practitioners offer free gifts. But unlike what you often see, these free gifts are of real value. I strongly encourage you to see what Glen has to offer. As I said earlier, I don’t usually hawk other people’s products. But this is well worth it. I have personally listened to all the interviews myself and have gained a greater understanding of these issues. I strongly encourage you to check it out. Here is a link to The Adrenal Summit home page.