July 2021 Newsletter: Happy 4th Of July Independence Day

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Happy Independence Day! We want to wish everyone a Happy Independence Day and hope you have a great 4th of July! We encourage you to take an extra moment to reflect on the significance of the day. We will be celebrating with Ann Louise Gittleman and James Templeton at their [...]

Can Just Taking a Probiotic Help You Lose Weight?

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Yes! We would not have believed this ourselves at Rosen Wellness until we learned about the strain Bifidobacterium Animalis Lactis B420 on a recent webinar. It was found to help people lose weight with no dietary changes!! A double-blind, placebo-controlled study of 225 people showed a 4.5 % reduction in [...]

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New Service Offered – Blood Chemistry Analysis

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I’m pleased to announce a new service – blood chemistry analysis. As part of my Whole Foods Nutrition Certification I was trained to analyze basic blood test results. I am able to interpret nutritional status and identify areas where supplementation may be helpful. Ever wonder why you may feel not [...]

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