“Last Fall 2019 I decided to work with Susana & Bernie Rosen on SHAPE ReClaimed to change the direction my health was headed. My weight was going up, my body aches were over the top, my migraines relentless & acid reflux my daily companion. My goal of course was to lose weight & hopefully address my other issues. With the guidance of Susana & Bernie I have first lost 22lbs. I am holding my position even living through the Covid 19 shutdown & the temptation to watch stupid TV & eat junk food. So I did gain 3 lbs but got back on track losing the 3.

My other issues have been with me for over 50 years so they don’t go away in a few months but with Susana & Bernie’s guidance with SHAPE ReClaimed I know I will continue to improve & I’m looking forward to feeling better everyday.” M.S.