Today we explore chromium, another important mineral nutrient.  Chromium is involved in metabolism as it supports insulin function in the body.  In this way it helps in glucose and protein metabolism.  What does this mean to the average person?  In short, it helps us control blood sugar levels.  This is one of the most important functions in the body, and much of what our body does, is about keeping blood sugar levels constant.  We get ourselves into trouble when blood sugar levels stay consistently too low or too high, or when they bounce back and forth (like the sugar high).  Therefore, chromium has also been found to help with weight control and managing cholesterol.

Chromium supports the blood, cardiovascular, circulatory, endocrine, hepatic, immune and nervous systems.  As you can see – almost the whole body!  It is found in cheese, liver, nutritional yeast, onions, Romaine lettuce, tomatoes, vegetable oils, and whole grains.  Its common supplement form is chromium picolinate.