Happy Holidays! Happy Hanukkah, Merry Christmas, and Happy New Year!

The Holiday Season is always a busy time and for many people a very stressful time. In respect to the busy time, I will keep this newsletter brief. And to help with stress, this month’s main article features the key minerals we need to balance our nervous system and hence our stress response.

If you are looking for some great stress reduction visualizations my favorites are the 31 and 61 points meditations. Here’s a link to the 61 points. Enjoy: http://www.swamij.com/online61.htm

The Three Minerals You Need to Balance Your Nervous System – The Importance of Phosphorus, Potassium, and Calcium

While our body was designed to handle stress, it was not designed to handle the constant stress that many people experience. Often people do not recognize their own stress level as they erroneously believe they are handling the stress, or it is how they always feel and do not notice a difference. Yet, their body is under constant stress from both conscious and unintended lifestyle and diet choices.

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Nutrition Made Simple – Why Sugar is Bad for You

I mentioned in my last newsletter my new blog series – Nutrition Made Simple. Well, it got off to a great start, but then my hard drive crashed last month and I lost a few installments that I had written, so I kind of have to start over again. Now that the computer is back in order I will re-start the series in the new year.

With all the upcoming holiday parties keep in mind to watch your sugar intake! Why Sugar is Bad for You.

Of course this is nothing new. If there’s one thing that almost everyone in the nutrition world agrees on is that sugar is bad. It’s really quite simple. Sugar disrupts how your body works. Here’s how (in no particular order):

1. Sugar depresses your immune system for up to five hours after you consume it.

2. Sugar depletes key vitamins and nutrients, particularly your B vitamins and minerals.

3. Sugar feeds the “bad” bacteria, fungus, yeast, and parasites.

4. Sugar feeds cancer cells.

5. Sugar fuels hormone imbalances by raising insulin levels which effects thyroid, adrenal, and sex hormone balance.

You can read it the full post here: https://brwellness.com/nutrition-news/?p=32