“When I first started to see Bernie, I had just recently decided to continue my eligibility playing Division 1 college volleyball down in Memphis.  I was struggling with severe acne due to food allergies, and an imbalance in my hormones resulting in a tough menstrual cycles.  My personal goal before heading off to Memphis for my graduate degree and final volleyball season was to make sure I was as healthy as I could be.  While down in Memphis, Bernie was able to adjust my supplement levels virtually to accommodate for my extreme levels of physical activity along with the stress of traveling and masters level work.  Returning after my volleyball season to Wisconsin, I scheduled a checkup with Bernie, and my levels seemed to be in great shape.  Thanks to Bernie and his flexibility and expertise while being in Memphis, my body was able to handle physical and emotional stress extremely well and continue to stay as healthy as I was before I left.” C.S. (muscle testing client)