As I mentioned the other day, I have many favorite nutrition authors, but there is a reason Ann Louise Gittleman is known as the “First Lady of Nutrition”.  She’s written over 30 books and has been featured in many national media outlets.  But, best of all – she is right!!! She’s been doing nutrition for a long time and has always been out at the forefront.  She was one of the first to recognize the need for fat, yes the right fats, in our diets, and how low-fat diets, high carbohydrate diets were leading to the chronic diseases that are so prevalent today.

In Fat Flush For Life, she expands on her successful Fat Flush Plan (another definite read) to a year round plan for healthy eating and living. It is very much a capstone book, as much of the great information from previous books is included here.  It is truly ‘the year-round super detox plan to boost your metabolism and keep the weight off permanently.”  It includes recipes, shopping lists, and lots of great stuff!

For more information you can follow either of the links below.  One goes to and the other to the UniKey Health home page, as UniKey is the official distributor of her books and products.