My 2015 is off to a great start! I hope yours is too! In the spirit of the New Year I have new and exciting information to share!

I have introduced two new supplement product lines this past month. Both of these lines come recommended from highly respected fellow practitioners. What’s great about them is they complement the products I currently carry, enabling me to offer even better support options.

Physica Energetics includes nutritionals and homeopathics; Doctors Research are whole foods products that are Kosher certified. You can read more about these product lines below. As my practice continues to grow it is only natural to need a greater variety of product offerings. Last year I introduced Biotics and Apex Energetics to my mix of Standard Process, Designs for Health, Systemic Formulas, and UniKey. All top quality product lines.

Along with Physica Energetics comes a new cleanse offering – the Restoring Cellular Communications Pathways program. I plan to start it Monday after the Super Bowl, so I’ll have more to report next month. See below for more information on Physica Energetics.

Last month I mentioned the book Body by Science. I hope some of you had the opportunity to buy the book or at least check out the web site. I found a local trainer and began to work with him a few weeks ago. So far so good and I’ll keep you posted on that as well.

And this being February, we will be bombarded by the main stream media with their advice for heart health. Unfortunately most of it is wrong and misguided! To help you through the misinformation about heart health I’m repeating two articles on how to keep your heart healthy naturally: The Truth About Cholesterol and Vitamin B4 – The Vitamin You Never Heard Of.

Cleanse Offer Extended!!

And, since I am a strong believer in the cleanse, particularly this time of year, I am extending last month’s offer through the end of February. As a refresher here it is: It’s a group incentive. For anyone who purchases the 21 Day Purification Program in January, I will put $1 into the pot. At the end of the month everyone who does the cleanse will get a future product discount based on how many people participate. For example, if 15 people do the cleanse, everyone will get $15 off their next supplement purchase. I have ten clients doing it in January, so if you join the promotion you already know there is $10 in the pot.

Nutrition for a Healthy Heart

Among all the nutrition myths still out there perhaps the cholesterol myth is the most dangerous. The bottom line is that there is no proof that high cholesterol causes heart disease. None!

Yet, this myth continues. In fact, your body needs cholesterol. Click here to read why your body needs cholesterol

If you want to watch a great one hour video with my colleague Dr. Jonny Bowden click here:

A second major factor impacting heart health is the disappearance of Vitamin B4 from most modern diets. B4? Never heard of that vitamin have you? Well, it is a part of the B Complex as it appears in nature – in whole foods. To learn what B4 is and what happened to it click here

Physica Energetics

Physica Energetics is a Canadian based professional, natural remedy company providing healing arts’ practitioners with pure, effective and sustainable, hand crafted, natural products. They offer a wide range of hand crafted, Spagyric botanical tinctures created from organic, wildcrafted or biodynamic farming sources as well as hand potentized homeopathic tinctures as per Hahnemann. As a true professional remedy company, Physica Energetics only markets and sells to qualified health care practitioners who are required to provide a copy of their certification, license or diploma.

To learn more about Physica Energetics click here

Doctors’ Research

Doctors’ Research dedicated to providing the highest quality nutritional supplements, in a form that is as close as possible to those naturally found in foods, to doctors and other health professionals. It is well understood by nutrition researchers that we, as humans, should derive nutrition from food. Doctors’ Research products are environmentally friendly. They are natural food complexes which have been shown to be better for the internal human environment.

To learn more about Doctors’ Research click here