Spread the love this February with the gift of a healthy detox or weight loss program for you and your loved ones.


February is here and with that a desire to adopt a healthier lifestyle is a key goal for many people. Every day clients ask me how they can remove toxins and extra body fat to boost their energy levels and lose some weight, particularly the extra pounds they gained over the Holiday Season.

At my last Open House we explored the different types of programs that I offer to achieve your objectives and how to best select one that makes the most sense for your lifestyle. This information is summarized in the two articles below.

The first article explains cleanses, purifications, gut cleanses, and weight loss programs to help you decide what is appropriate for you and why these programs can be a success or a failure. The second article discusses why people do not always achieve their weight loss goals on these programs.

What’s Right for You? Detoxification, Weight Loss, or Gut Cleanse?

This is the time of year when we re-focus on our health. There are a couple of reasons for that. First, it is a New Year, so it is time to make changes – eat better, exercise more, and lose weight. Second, many of us recognize the Holiday Season took its toll. We notice a few extra pounds, an overall sensation of not feeling our best, and it seems we’re either getting sick or fighting off a cold or flu. Then the natural human desire to feel better takes hold.

We look for a solution, something to make us feel better. This is typically some type of “diet” or “weight loss program” or “cleanse.” There are many programs to choose from, but the important question is what is best for you. In determining that you need to understand the different types of programs available.

I classify programs into three main categories: purification or detoxification programs, gut purification programs, and weight loss programs.

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Are You Weight Loss Resistant?

Ever notice what happens at the beginning of the year?  The New Year’s resolution.  This is the year you vow to get healthier, to lose those extra pounds, and to keep them off.  The health clubs are jammed with others making the same resolution.  There are lines of people waiting to use the stepping machines and the exercise bikes.  But, within a few short weeks the crowds disappear and there are no more lines.

Why does this happen?  You’ve cut back on the alcohol, are eating salads for lunch, skipping a meal here and there, and are working out hard at the gym.  Yet the pounds are not flying off.  This is not uncommon as over 95% of all diets end in disappointment.  However, don’t be discouraged.  If you read on you’ll learn how you can get lasting results.

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