Happy Fourth of July! Yes, I’m spending part of my holiday working on the newsletter! The summer seems to be already flying by.

In this issue of the newsletter I wrap up your guided trip through the digestive system with the last two installments. Next we’ll continue our tour of the body with the endocrine system – the makers of our hormones (or as one of my clients jokingly called her “horror-mones”) which essentially direct the majority of the body’s activities.

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Your Digestive System Tour Concludes

Here are the last two installments of your guide through your digestive system. The first article describes the supportive roles of the liver, pancreas, and gall bladder. While the stomach, small intestines, and large intestines do all the heavy lifting so to speak, they could not do it without the help of those other organs.

The second article looks more specifically at the large intestines and the important role that bacteria play in our health.


What is Your Nutritional Type?

One of my nutrition colleagues, Glen Depke, has developed an interesting survey for you to determine your nutritional type which helps guide you as to what foods are best for your type.

While I believe in general healthy foods are healthy foods, we are all still individual and often the proportions of the healthy foods that are best for us are unique to us.

With all of these “typing” mechanisms I believe they are useful inputs into the big puzzle. Are they the end all? That is for you to decide. Enjoy!

Please note there is a little sales pitch at the end, but to get the basic information it is free and worthwhile.