Did you know that sulfur is the third most abundant mineral in our bodies? The body uses sulfur to produce sulfate which is required for many life supporting processes. The trick is that most of the sulfur we consume needs to be converted into sulfate through a variety of different pathways. Unfortunately, there are many roadblocks to sulfur metabolism which can create health problems for us. The Summer 2022 edition of Wise Traditions from the Weston A. Price Foundation includes an excellent article, “The Devil in the Garlic” by Greg Nigh and Maria Silka. Following are the highlights of that article.

Typical symptoms that can improve through better sulfur metabolism include brain fog, anxiety, and panic attacks; low blood pressure and slow heart rate; hot flashes; eczema, dermatitis, acne, and other skin symptoms such as itchiness or excess heat; headaches (including migraines); bloating, gas, diarrhea, constipation, and other digestive issues.

To learn about sulfur metabolism, what disturbs the process and what you can do about it click here: How’s Your Sulfur?

The Root of Obesity

What role does MSG play in the obesity epidemic? Also in the Summer 2022 Wise Traditions author Adrienne Samuels, PhD shows the link between the rise of MSG in processed food and the increase in obesity. MSG produces free glutamate which is an excitotoxin. Feeding free glutamate to animals causes brain damage followed by gross obesity. It was also found that pregnant females can pass this excitotoxin to their fetuses which sets the stage for their own obesity.

More on Sunscreens

In following up last month’s discussion of sunscreens another recommended reading is Sunscreens Biohazard 2 by Elizabeth and Marcus Plourde. Sunscreens are being banned all over the world to protect marine life. If they are deadly to marine life, it makes you think what they may be doing to us. “What is New Under the Sun?” is another featured article in the current edition of Wise Traditions.

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