“I have been going to Rosen Wellness for about 2 1/2 months. I started seeing Bernie for some issues I had been having with my skin. I am 23, and my entire life I had clear, healthy skin. I had never struggled with acne before. Starting in August, I began battling some horrible cystic acne breakouts. It started on my cheeks and then began covering my whole face. I tried my usual skin care routine with washing my face and on-spot treatments but nothing was working. The acne got worse and even more painful as the months went on. After a few visits with Bernie, he wanted to take a deeper look at what could be causing this sudden acne. Our initial thought was hormonal acne, because of my age. However, upon further muscle testing, he concluded that my hormones were functioning normally. He tested a few more things and when he was done he had discovered the root cause. He had found that I had a parasitic infection. I was completely shocked!

This could explain why I had such a sudden change in my skin. My body was reacting to the parasites and as my body was trying to get rid of them, the infection was coming out in my skin. My esthetician also said the cysts showed signs of an infection because of the copious amounts of bleeding that would happen after popping them.

After that visit, Bernie sent me home with a regiment of supplements to get rid of the parasites. In order for them to be completely gone, it will take up to 6 months, however the improvement can already been seen in my skin! I am forever grateful for the magic of Bernie’s muscle testing for getting to the bottom of my issue! I had thoughts of going to a dermatologist because my skin was in such bad shape, however I can’t help but think that a dermatologist would have just given me some topical ointment or prescription medication. These would have only masked my symptoms of the acne, while leaving the root cause untreated. I could’ve struggled for years with my skin that way without knowing the true cause, if it wasn’t for Bernie.

Along with the clearing of my skin, I have also noticed improvements with my gut. In the months leading up to the discovery, I had expressed to Bernie that I had been bloated a lot more. After taking the supplements, I have noticed a huge decrease in the bloating in my stomach. I don’t think that my regular physician would have found the infection as quickly as Bernie did. The science of muscle testing is a true miracle and it has worked wonders for me. I have a renewed self confidence and sense of overall wellness after starting my journey at Rosen Wellness!” L.S. (muscle testing client)