“Before consulting with Bernie on my diet I dealt with constant mood swings, emotional imbalances, severe pre-menstrual symptoms, digestion irregularity, and bloating. Not only did Bernie explain how various foods effect physical and emotional states, he also outlined a diet plan that helps to keep me energized and emotionally balanced. For years I have grappled with an emotionality and depression that were nothing short of draining – not to mention limiting in the work place and to my social life. Now I feel even-keeled and energetic. I had no idea that sugar was driving my irregular emotional states. I literally feel like a different person. Finding a more stable and better state of mind has been the most significant change, but as a bonus I’ve also dropped weight, decreased bloating, and pre-menstrual symptoms. I would definitely recommend Bernie’s services to anyone who has ever thought their depression was simply a genetic predisposition or an immutable chemical imbalance of the brain.” W.J. (muscle testing client)