Happy New Year! My best wishes to all for the happiest and healthiest of New Years!!

Now that we’ve survived the end of the Mayan calendar and the Fiscal Cliff (at least for the time being) it is time again to turn attention to our health. The costs of health care and health insurance continue to rise. To keep both under control having good overall health is critical. You can be certain your insurance rates will rise if you get sick or are diagnosed with something and we all know visiting the doctor(s), getting tested, and/or staying in the hospital adds up quickly.

What can you do? Eat healthy, exercise wisely, watch your weight, get your sleep, reduce your stress and avoid unhealthy lifestyle choices. One of the best ways I know to get the year off to a good start is the 21 day Purification Program (or better known to my clients as “the cleanse”). To encourage your participation I will be offering $15 off if you order a kit by January 18 and pick up by the 25th. All you need to do is mention this offer.


Since it is January it is time for my annual strategies for weight loss article. You can find it here: http://brwellness.blogspot.com/2013/01/strategies-for-successful-weight-loss.html

The Best of 2012

One of my goals is to educate my readers on how their body works and what it is telling them. As I like to say, “We did not come with an Owner’s Manual.”

This past year there was a series of articles on digestion. If our digestion is off our body has a way of telling us so – gas, constipation, diarrhea, and bloating – are a few of the most common digestive complaints. You learned about the importance of hydrochloric acid, enzymes, and probiotics. And you learned that digestion is a north to south process and what is supposed to happen at each stage of the digestive process. I encourage you to go to my blog and review these articles.

Click here for the blog: http://brwellness.blogspot.com/

In 2012 I also updated my articles on protein, carbohydrates, and fat – the macronutrients. These too are well worth a re-read:




What Are Those Red Spots on My Body?

I also began a series of articles with the theme of “what your body is telling you.” Last November and December we looked at the finger nails. You can find those articles here:



We begin 2013 with a look at the red dots that may appear on your skin, better known as “cherry hemangiomas.”

This information is important for both women and men!!

Now you can read on the Internet that these are common and nothing to worry about, that they are not really sure why they occur, and that they are common as we age. A lot of the usual mumbo-jumbo we get from the main stream press.

Now let’s enter the alternative world. I recently attended a two day seminar called The Seven Pillars of Health presented by Dr. Stuart White. His take is quite different. They are a sign.

Something is happening in the body that is causing this to occur. His answer – estrogen dominance.

You may or may not be familiar with the term yet it is something you should be aware of and know that it impacts both females and males. To continue reading the article click here: