Wow! That’s a long title for the newsletter, but it reflects all the new and important information I have to share with you. Remember last summer when I had lots of new stuff – well here we go again! Round Two! There is so much to share, so as I did last summer I’ll preview it here and provide the details over the next few months.

Before we get to the new stuff it is important to remember the basics. The best way to start off the New Year is to get back on track from the Holidays. Drop those few extra pounds and cleanse the body with the 21 Day Purification Program. I’ll be starting it myself next Tuesday (one last holiday dinner on Monday night!). See below for the details of the special offer.

Not sure if you need to the cleanse or not? Well, take this quick questionnaire to see:

Above, I also mentioned purifying the mind and soul, and starting a smart exercise program. I had some time at the end of the year to catch up on my reading. Two books had significant impact – Body by Science by Doug McGuff, MD and John Little and The Emotion Code by Dr. Bradley Nelson. I’ll tell you more about them below.

But for those who can’t wait here’s a quick summary.

1. Do the 21 Day Purification Program and take advantage of the group incentive!

2. Read the book Body by Science to learn how exercise impacts the body.

3. Read the book The Emotion Code to learn how to “release your trapped emotions for abundant health, love and happiness.” (That’s on the book’s cover.)

Of course if you do not have time to read the books, no problem as those will be my topics over the next few months!

One last note – unfortunately there is a January 1 price increase on many Standard Process products – anywhere from $.50 to $2.00. I will sell my existing inventory at the old prices, so if you need some supplements let me know so you can take advantage of the old prices.

Cleanse Special Offer

I have a special offer this month. It’s a group incentive and here’s how it works. For anyone who purchases the 21 Day Purification Program in January, I will put $1 into the pot. At the end of the month everyone who does the cleanse will get a future product discount based on how many people participate. For example, if 15 people do the cleanse, everyone will get $15 off their next supplement purchase. And an FYI – there are already 6 people on board from the pre-announcement!

If you are interested in participating please call or e-mail so we can arrange for you to pick up your kit!

Body by Science

In the past I’ve written a few articles about exercise. I’ve told you about PACE and PACE Express from Dr. Sears, BurstFit by Dr. Axe, and the Xiser stepper to name a few. All of these techniques are similar in they promote what is called “burst training” or “sprint training” and now “HIT” (high intensity training). All work off a similar premise – the human body was not designed to run a marathon and the average person does not have to spend hours upon hours exercising to get in shape.

In fact, they even boldly state that being fit is not necessarily the same as being healthy and that many people over-exercise which has negative impacts on their health. This has been my experience with many of my clients. They come to me and say, “I don’t get it. I work out every day with my trainer and I keep gaining weight.”

Body by Science explains all the whys behind this. It provides the research and the science behind how exercise impacts the body. Over the next few months I will share this information with you. If you can’t wait, here’s a link to the web site: There are videos, blogs, and other helpful information. I highly recommend it.

The Emotion Code

As many of you are aware, there is more to the body than just the pure physical – there is the emotional and the spiritual as well. True health is not only a healthy body, but also a healthy mind and soul. There is a wide source of literature and studies supporting the role of emotion in our health. It is the basis for a variety of “energetic medicine” type practices.

The Emotion Code focuses on Dr. Bradley Nelson’s work with his chiropractic patients not only on their physical level, but on their emotional (and spiritual) level as well. He has found how emotions create the physical symptoms of his patients and by clearing the emotions the patient returns to health.

The book explains it all and gives the reader the tools to release their trapped emotions. Here’s a link to his website for more information. Warning – he’s selling all kinds of stuff which is usually a red flag for me, but all you really need is the book – so if you’re interested just start there before you go crazy buying stuff!!

And, over the next few months I’ll offer more insight in the newsletters as well. Here’s the link:

Happy New Year! My best wishes to you, your family, and your loved ones for a healthy, happy, and prosperous New Year!