Wow – June already! I don’t know about you, but for me May flew by. Between getting settled in my new space at GreenSquare and the end of the seemingly endless Spring Break season, I hardly found time to breathe! In fact, several times I needed my own medicine – slow down, take some deep breaths, and continue.

I’m still finalizing how to split my time between the two locations, but for now my plans are to be in Thiensville on Mondays, Tuesday afternoons, and Thursday mornings; and Glendale (GreenSquare) on Tuesday mornings, Wednesdays, Thursday afternoons, and Fridays. Of course it is all subject to change as the practices evolve.

I’ve been enjoying getting my feet wet with the Nutrition Response Testing and am pleased with the results with clients on the program. If you haven’t experienced it yet, I’d encourage you to do so. I’ve also found a local mentor who has moved into the office next to me at GreenSquare, so that is extra exciting! She NRT’d me a couple of weeks ago, we tweaked my supplement program a bit, and I can honestly say I’m feeling much more energetic than I have for months. A lesson to learn – we can only “self-medicate” so much until we need an expert opinion.

To read more about Nutrition Response Testing (NRT) click here:

I also have a few workshops coming up this month. On June 11 I’ll be at Haleybird Studios in Wauwatosa presenting my Rejuvenation and Relaxation workshop. For details click here: And, on June 25 I’ll be back at The Soul Source in West Bend. For details click here:

MonaVie – It Is Still Caffeine and Sugar (Despite What They Try to Say)

You have to love slick marketing. With my background in that area (20+ years of marketing and strategic planning) I enjoy reading through various marketing materials and finding the holes.

At a recent event I was enthusiastically offered a MonaVie energy drink. The person handing them out was a big believer in the health and energy benefits of the drink. After all, it is in all the marketing materials and everyone who drinks them feels energized. The truth is – how can you not? They are loaded with caffeine and sugar. But to read the accompanying booklet you’d think this was the healthiest drink on the planet.

Let’s explore some of the “marketing”. To continue click here:

Know Your Nutrients – A Few More Important Minerals

This article completes the series discussing the key vitamins and minerals that our bodies need to perform at optimal function. Remember our body does not make minerals so we need to eat them and we get them from real food!

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