Sorry, I’m a little late with the newsletter but it has been a busy month! As I like to say about nutrition, “the stuff (actually I use another word) works.” What that means is when my clients are compliant and follow the advice they get results. And when they get results they tell others. Well, this past month one client was so happy she referred four of her friends! Thanks much. Why was she so happy? Here’s her testimonial:

“After a routine blood screening ordered by my Internist, I learned that I was anemic and that some of my other counts were off… I went to Bernie. He reviewed my numbers, gave me… supplements… Went back to the Hematologist today to get my results… He had NEVER seen such a dramatic improvement in such a short time. He even asked for Bernie’s contact information he was so impressed. When I asked him if I should continue taking the iron supplements (you can have too much iron) he told me to “ask Bernie, and follow his advice.” I am obviously thrilled, relieved, and VERY grateful to Bernie!”

I’ve shortened it up a bit, but for the full testimonial click here

Many of you have had similar results and refer your friends and family and I greatly appreciate it. In early May, many of you have received the Share The Care referral cards. Please share them and don’t worry about the June 30 expiration date. I will honor the cards all summer.

On a personal note, my oldest son Zachary will be graduating from high school this weekend and on his way to the University of Wisconsin – Madison next fall. I’m very proud of all he has accomplished and look forward to his wonderful future.

The China Study

Many people ask me what I think of the book The China Study and the recent documentary Forks Over Knives. Unfortunately there are some misleading statements in both. A recent article in The Weston Price Foundation’s Wise Traditions quarterly magazine addresses them. Follow this link to the article:

Digestion Primer

Since my last newsletter I have published two more installments on our journey through the digestive system: The Importance of Hydrochloric Acid and The Small Intestines. Follow the links below to continue to learn.