As I look out my window this morning it looks like summer has finally arrived! The grass is nice and green, the dandelions are popping up, and the sun is shining! It looks like a busy month here and I have a feeling the summer is going to fly by.

I thought I’d share some family good news items. Zach is on his way to our nation’s capitol for the summer. He has a Sports Marketing internship with the Washington Nationals so will be getting paid to be around baseball and get first hand marketing experience. Pretty awesome – congratulations Zach!! Mollie will be graduating from high school in a few weeks and soon after that her college adventure starts. She will be attending Northeastern University in Boston and playing soccer. She reports in early August for training. Needless to say I am very proud of my kids and their accomplishments!

I have lots of stuff to share this month so the newsletter is a bit longer than normal. As you know, I usually don’t promote products (except for “the Cleanse”) in the newsletter, but this month I make an exception to introduce you to Glen Depke and his Adrenal Summit. This is something you definitely want to explore. See below for details.

I am excited to announce that I have been selected to be a contributor to a new awesome health site targeted for men called Viggor. I will tell you more about that below also. And, a cleanse for dogs? Why not!

The Adrenal Summit – Well Worth Participating!

Meet Glen Depke, Depke Wellness, and his awesome program The Adrenal Summit. I met Glen several years ago at a wellness seminar. At the time he worked for Dr. Mercola in the Chicago area. He has since moved on to his own practice in sunny Southern California. Glen is an awesome practitioner and educator. His newsletters are filled with important information and I’ll often post and tweet them to my network.

Earlier this year he orchestrated The Adrenal Summit. It consists of thirteen interviews with specific topic experts. While it is called The Adrenal Summit it addresses much more. It connects the dots between adrenal health and the many areas that influence it including diet, exercise, food sensitivities, blood sugar management, stress management, immune system health, thyroid health, emotional health and more.

The interviews have been recorded and you can purchase the series for $97. It is a great deal as all the practitioners offer free gifts. But unlike what you often see, these free gifts are of real value. I strongly encourage you to see what Glen has to offer. As I said earlier, I don’t usually hawk other people’s products. But this is well worth it. I have personally listened to all the interviews myself and have gained a greater understanding of these issues. Here is a link to The Adrenal Summit home page.


Never underestimate the power of networking! Several months ago I was introduced to David Guinther by a mutual friend in Madison. David is an awesome guy. In a nutshell he is a prostate cancer survivor who now devotes significant energy to helping other men live healthier. He offers education and information to both help prevent prostate cancer and to support those who are currently battling it. While we don’t hear much about it, prostate cancer will impact 1 in 6 men at some point in their life.

David has several health ventures going. One of them is Viggor – which David calls, “… a guiding light on your journey to improve your health and quality of life. Our Expert panel is driven by a common desire to freely share their training, experience, research, insights, and knowhow with you…” We are just up and running, but check it out; there is something there for everybody!

In addition to David and myself there are two more contributing experts. Meet Dr. Geo Espinosa, a naturopathic doctor recognized as an authority in integrative management of urological and prostate conditions. Dr. Geo is the founder and director of the Integrative Urology Center at NYU Langone Medical Center in New York City.

Together, David and Dr. Geo created XYWellness a company focused on integrative approaches to improving the health of men diagnosed with serious urological conditions. David and Dr. Geo have been inspirational and supportive in getting me back on track in writing my book on men’s health. You’ll be hearing more on that in coming months.

The fourth contributor/expert at Viggor is David’s wife Amy Guinther. She is an acupuncturist and owns Madison Acupuncture and Complimentary Medicine.

Check us out

Cleanse for Dogs?

I thought I had seen it all until one of my clients sent me a newsletter from an holistic veterinarian based in Vancouver, British Columbia promoting his “Clean and Lean Machine Program” for dogs!! Sure enough, it is a doggie cleanse and he uses Standard Process products. Here’s a link to his website and here’s a link to where he describes the cleanse

Let me know what you think!!