In last month’s newsletter I described some of the supplements from Designs for Health that I have begun to utilize with clients.  I am pleased to tell you some exciting results. I will fill you in on the details below, but the result is this month’s headline, “I can eat tomatoes again.”

On June 7 we will host an Open House. We have a special guest speaker, Mr. Wes Manko, to offer his expertise how to stay safe and recognize potentially violent situations. Please see below for more details and registration information for this event.

Please note the office will be closed this Friday June 1 and will re-open on Monday morning June 4.

I Can Eat Tomatoes Again!

This was the greeting I received last week from two of my clients – a husband and a wife – as they entered my office.

I have been working with them for several years. During this time, they have experienced great progress. The husband lost 45 pounds, his fatty liver is no longer fatty, and his digestion and energy levels are vastly improved; while the wife is now off three heart and blood pressure medications, has seen a reduction in her cat allergy symptoms, has seen a reduction in foot fungus, and has also lost some weight. However, for both the one lingering issue has been food sensitivities. We completed a variety of gut cleansing and gut healing protocols. Each likely helped to some degree as evidenced by the reduction of symptoms and weight loss, yet the long list of food sensitivities remained.

Enter the Designs for Health enzymes and gut healing products. For gut healing the husband is using Tegricel and Immunitone Plus; while the wife is using Tegricel, Immunitone Plus, and Zinc. They both are using the enzyme AllerGyzme. With AllerGyzme, I noticed that several of their food sensitivities went away. We decided they would try some of those foods to see what would happen and sure enough they came back the next month and reported they ate them and had no adverse reactions! He has eaten beans, tomatoes, potatoes, gluten free bread (tapioca), onions, and deli meats. She has added back beans, tomatoes, potatoes, paprika, onions, and deli meats.  It is interesting to note that they can apparently handle nightshades now with the AllerGyzme.  I’m looking forward to continued improvements when they come in later this month.

Another client is reporting similar success and is also very pleased. While I wouldn’t encourage it, she told me today she had a double decker ice cream with a cone and had no ill effect. She was also able to eat a corn tortilla. She is taking GI-Microb-X, Glutamine, Tegricel, and AllerGzyme.


Please join us at our Open House, Thursday, June 7, 2018 from 7:15 – 8:30 PM at our office at 10040 N. Port Washington Road in Mequon.

Special Guest Speaker Author Wes Manko will discuss his book:  Your Best Defense:  Smart Strategies for Staying Safe. The book provides practical advice and tips for people of any age on how to avoid and or deal with potential of episodes of violence that mark everyday life.

This book does not deal with the applications of physical self-defense tactics but rather how to apply knowledge to minimize or eliminate the potential of violence.

Wes Manko is the owner and chief instructor of DEFENSEWORKS, an organization that provides self-defense training workshops to corporations, non-profits and individuals. He is also an adjunct faculty member at Mount Mary University where he teaches a course on woman’s self-defense. In 2005, Mr. Manko was awarded a citation from the Wisconsin State Assembly for teaching violence prevention and realistic self-defense.

As always, we will have some delicious gluten-free snacks and desserts.

Seating is limited so please RSVP to or call 262-389-9907.

No Time to Exercise? Think Again

From a recent Designs for Health blog: “Exercise can be such a drag, right? You’ve gotta change your clothes, drive to the gym, spend half an hour on the bike or treadmill – maybe even more, then do some lifting, take a shower… If it seems like a huge time commitment to fit exercise into your day, even though you know you “should,” take heart. Research indicates that very short bouts of intense exercise may be more enjoyable than long, slow slogs, and more than that, they’ll get you the same or better results.”

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