Continuing education is important to me. I often listen to recorded lectures made available through Standard Process. I first became aware of the information concerning nails that I will share with you from one of these lectures. Based on that information, I was concerned with what I witnessed in my own nails.

I’ve always had cold hands and feet and could never figure out quite why. You are probably asking what does cold hands and feet have to do with finger nails. Here’s the answer. If you take a look at your nails there is the white moon-shaped part at the base of the nail. This is called the lunulae because it looks like the moon. The general accepted theory is that healthy people have between 8 and 10 of these, at least 4 on each hand. They should be neither too large nor too small.

So, what does the absence of lunulae or smaller than normal indicate? It may be a sign of deficiency in cellular oxygen levels. This kind of deficiency can cause the symptoms I was suffering from – cold hands and cold feet – and in some cases a general numbness in select body parts (fortunately I did not have this). Less than eight lunulae is a sign of poor circulation.

Research has indicated that people who have between 3 and 7 lunulae may also be fatigued, numbness, and memory loss in addition to the previously mentioned symptoms.

Another warning sign is someone who has two large lunulae on their pinkies. This may be a sign of an overworked heart. This person may be more likely to have high blood pressure and heart disease.

A person with no lunulae often suffers from anemia, depression, and low blood pressure. When the lunulae are oversized and quite large this person may be at risk for a stroke.

Needless to say, I was surprised to see I was sub-optimal. I made a call to the workshop presenter to seek some advice. There is still work to do, but in three months on his recommended supplement protocol I have progressed from five lunulae to now a seventh beginning to appear. I’ve also noticed that my hands and feet seemed to be less cold. An interesting observation – since I spent a lot of time looking at my finger nails. The lunulae change during the day! As the sixth one was coming in it would be there a little, then I couldn’t see it, and then it would be back. Now it is here to stay.

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