March Madness – Free NRT Offer

You may have noticed that this month’s newsletter is coming a little later than usual. I had one loyal reader ask me where it was! She was concerned that my Constant Contact was not working correctly! Well, I was waiting for good reason. This past weekend I was in Clearwater, Florida for some additional training in Nutrition Response Testing (NRT). I completed the Intermediate Level Training. I learned lots of new stuff and I wanted to share it with you. And, the best way to share is for you to experience it. My March Madness is to offer you free NRT initial consults for the rest of the month. See the coupon below and spread the word! For more information on NRT click here

March Madness and Mental Health

In further spirit of March Madness I’d like to review a couple of articles I have written in the past which show the connection between nutrition and mental health. The first article reviews the importance of protein and neurotransmitters to how we feel. If you are following the food pyramid or any other government backed “healthy diet” you are likely not eating enough protein. This article explains the relationship between protein and how we feel.
The second article reviews some of the key minerals that keep us in balance. Two key minerals are copper and zinc. Too much copper reduces zinc and well, makes us “copper crazy.” Here is a link to my article and here’s one from Ann Louise Gittleman that I helped out on

The Body Positive – Digestion

I began posting The Body Positive and it all starts with Digestion. Here are links to the first two installments:

Success Story – Digestion

Going along with the importance of digestion, here again is my favorite testimonial: “My husband said it is now safe for him to go in the bathroom after me.” If you’d like to read a sample of other testimonials they are on my web site. Click here. Testimonials