Your Own Personal “March Madness”

It comes every year at this time. The NCAA basketball tournament – better known as “March Madness” for its unpredictability, buzzer beaters, and crazy upsets. As we watch the games we become excited or calmed, happy or anxious, focused or have marginal interest. Basically what happens to us on a daily basis every day of our life.

What makes all this happen? It’s not only the game – it is your neurotransmitters. Our own personal “March madness.” As I’ve mentioned many times previously neurotransmitters are amino acid based, meaning they come from protein. If you are not eating and metabolizing sufficient protein, you may have your own variety of “March madness.” To learn more about neurotransmitters see the article below.

Also for some exciting news on the Standard Process Purification Program see below. They’ve made a few changes and clarifications along with some excellent new materials, including a book that you can download that has recipes for each day! This makes it easier than ever to do the cleanse. Perhaps you may even consider it for the upcoming (yes it will soon be here) Spring!

At a local level, our Weston Price Foundation chapter had our first meeting of the year and we learned about the magic of broth. The meeting included recipes, demonstrations, and best of all a taste test. If you’d like to be on our group e-mail list please let me know. Also, if you’d like a copy of the recipes let me know that too!

Neurotransmitters – What Makes You Feel Good, Happy, and Focused

Ever wonder what really makes you feel good?

While many people will answer “sugar” because they notice the “high” as sugar is flowing into their blood stream and giving them energy. Of course, we all know what follows – the “low” as the sugar runs out and we crave more sugar to feel good again. As you may have guessed, the correct answer is protein and the neurotransmitters which are made from it. Neurotransmitters help you feel good for the long haul. To read the rest of the article click here:

For your importance of protein refresher click here:

Old Reliable Gets Better

As I mentioned briefly above the 21 day Purification Program from Standard Process keeps getting better! For those of you who have done it in the best there are some new refinements. They finally mention quinoa as a key food and call it a “pseudo” grain. It has replaced brown rice as an allowable food. For the new and revised guide book click here:

Even better is a new book available called 1 Degree of Change. I strongly encourage you to download a copy. It has lots of great information including day by day recipes with each day featuring a specific food. It is a great guide to insure you are getting variety during the program. It also contains many new and flavorful shake recipes. For a free downloadable copy of the book click here: