Well, if April showers bring May flowers we should have some of the most incredible growth ever seen!!

This month I continue with the theme of nutrition hypes and misleading “scientific” studies. As I quote my friend Dr. Bruce Bond, “You can’t get healthy on a diet of misinformation.” This month you will see that “superfoods” is really “real foods” and they do not have to come from exotic places. And, you’ll learn that the last thing you want to put in your body in isolated concentrated form is an antioxidant! Of course the best part of the whole story is that the marketers claim what makes the “superfoods” so super is their antioxidant content. Read on to have all this nonsense straightened out.

“Superfood” – No Just Eat Real Food!!

It seems as if every day the next “superfood” is introduced. It is usually from some exotic locale; it has just recently been discovered by someone and saved their life; it will cure all diseases known to man; and it is featured in the latest and greatest multi-level marketing program that is guaranteed to make you a millionaire. Also, it is generally rather expensive to buy!

I say, just eat real foods, as they come in nature, not in a box or cellophane wrapping. To learn more click here:

The Antioxidant Myth

We are all familiar with the antioxidant story. We develop all kinds of diseases because we don’t get enough antioxidants. Those evil particles called free radicals cause us to age and become diseased. However, by taking antioxidant supplements we can kill the free radicals and not get sick. In fact, we can even cure our disease with these miracle pills. We are also told that vitamins are antioxidants. For example, Vitamin C and Vitamin E are often mentioned in this manner.

Well, what if this wasn’t quite true? As you probably guessed, since I’m writing about this topic – it isn’t! To read the real story click here:


In my article I mention how we are told that vitamins are antioxidants. They are not! For a succinct summary of why a vitamin is not an antioxidant click here.

Still A Chance to Save on the Cleanse

I have to admit it – in last month’s newsletter I announced my plans to do start the Purification Program. Well, it didn’t happen. Since we all have excuses I’ll give you mine – just when I was getting ready to start someone would call and need a kit! True, but obviously I could have ordered additional ones. Anyway, my new plan is to start next week, so if you’d like to join me I will continue last month’s special: $25 off for first time cleansers and $15 off for experienced cleansers. For more information call (262-389-9907) or e-mail me (bernie@brwellness.com)