I’d like to introduce you to Dr. Randy Tent, DC, ND, and PhD. You’re probably thinking – that’s sure a lot of initials – he must be a smart guy! And he is! He is one of four speakers at a conference I’ll be going to in August called Symposium on Nutrition. I have attended workshops in the past with the three other speakers – Dr. Stuart White, Dr. Chad Guess, and Dr. Davis Brockenshire – which is why I was interested in the conference in the first place. I had never heard of Dr. Tent. Who was he? Dr. Brockenshire had mentioned that I could view one of his lectures on YouTube to get an idea. To put it bluntly – he made quite an impression.

What makes Dr. Tent different than many of the other speakers I hear is that his talks are geared to the public, rather than practitioners. He offers quarterly talks free of charge in his native Michigan. If you want to spend two valuable hours learning some very interesting stuff I suggest you watch this video that has gone “viral” with over 100,000 views: The Exploding Auto-Immune Epidemic https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=r8FCJ_VPyns

I usually don’t do this, but I am featuring the same article as last month about the biome. It was at the bottom of last month’s newsletter and I’m not sure everyone found it. It is very important – remember – it all starts in the gut!

I hope you enjoy Dr. Tent and let me know what you think.

The Biome: Yes, It Is All About the Gut

Among the latest and greatest breakthroughs of modern medicine is the mapping of the human genome with its vast potential for gene based therapies. I find this work extremely interesting although I’m not exactly sure where it will lead. What’s even more interesting is the work being done to explore the genome of what is living in our gut that is not human. This is referred to as our microbiome. It is the trillions of bacteria and other microscopic living organisms that are an integral part of us. They are found on our skin, in our mouth, throughout the inside of our body, and most famously in our gut (our stomach, small intestines, and large intestines).

For the rest of the article click here: http://brwellness.blogspot.com/2014/03/its-all-about-gut-and-gut-balance.html

Cleanse Special Extended For One More Month

Last month I offered a special incentive for those embarking on the 21 day Purification Program. Quite a few of you took me up on my offer and I received many compliments about the free book 1° of Change. I will continue the special offer for each full purification kit you order you will receive a free copy of the book. The day by day recipes and new shake recipes have been a big hit with clients.

As I mentioned last month the 21 day Purification Program from Standard Process keeps getting better! For those of you who have done it in the best there are some new refinements. They finally mention quinoa as a key food and call it a “pseudo” grain. It has replaced brown rice as an allowable food. For the new and revised guide book click here: https://www.standardprocess.com/Standard-Process-Document-Library/Guides/purificationguideL2605.pdf