Happy May! Hopefully you’ve all survived Spring Break and are ready for the final push before summer. Here at home, Mollie returns from Boston on Saturday after finishing her first year at Northeastern and Zach will be back in a few weeks from his European Tour better known as Semester Abroad! Mollie is all set with a job for the summer, but Zach is still looking – trying to find an internship as great as his last summer with the Washington Nationals! So, if anyone knows of any sports internships, let me know!

This month’s newsletter features the fourth and final installment of articles based on the book Body by Science. So far we have discussed the overview of the book, the cardio myth, and the hormonal implications of exercise. This last segment looks at genetics and how that impacts how your body responds to exercise and particularly muscle building.

But, even more important is the article on glyphosate. This is the main ingredient in the pesticide Roundup®. It may be the most dangerous chemical we are consuming and is linked to many health risks. It is used heavily in GMO foods – particularly corn and soy. If you look at what food most people are eating they are loaded with those two ingredients. It is tricky because it doesn’t always say corn and soy on the label, rather it lists things made from corn and soy. To put it more bluntly this glyphosate is probably in almost all processed foods! That’s pretty scary.

Glyphosate: The Most Dangerous Substance You May Be Consuming

Glyphosate. Ever heard of it? Probably not. So let me introduce it to you – it is the active ingredient in the herbicide Roundup®. The more I learn about it, the more I am concerned. The more I learn about it, the more I am convinced that it may be the number one enemy of good health and the main pathway to so many of the modern diseases we now experience. And if nothing else, it is a great reason to eat organic.

The information I am sharing is from highly respected researchers – MIT PhDs. They have conducted their own studies and reported on others that link the increase in the use of glyphosate with the increase in many modern diseases, including celiac disease, gluten intolerance, and cancer. When we understand what glyphosate does in our bodies we see how specific nutrients are depleted and the subsequent negative impact on specific biological processes essential for good health. My purpose here is to provide a summary of the findings. If you want to research this more I suggest you search Stephanie Seneff, PhD.

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It’s In Your Genes: Ten Factors That Influence Exercise Outcomes

I have recently introduced you to the book Body by Science by Doug McDuff, MD and John Little. This book offers a clear explanation of the actual science of exercise, how activity relates to hormones, and how this determines what happens in your body. In short, it answers the question I am frequently asked. “Why am I gaining weight when I am working out every day?”

In the introductory article I summarized his key points. In this article I will address one of those key points. Genetic expression plays a major role in our physical appearance. People can do similar types of exercise but in the end their genes determine how their physical activity is expressed in their body.

One of my favorite parts in Body by Science is the discussion of genetic expression. Quite simply there are certain things that are meant to be and they aren’t going to change. They show a picture of a forest of the same type of tree, yet one is significantly taller than the others. If you only saw it, you’d assume it was the norm, but in fact it is the exception.

These same basic principles apply to the human body. Some people are the way they are simply because of genetics. Two people could do the exact same workout but based on their genes one can emerge as a championship body builder and the other will not.

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