It is a beautiful 70-degree day here in Wisconsin and it feels like summer! We hope it is as nice where you are too!

This month’s newsletter will be short and sweet. We have some exciting news to share with you, but we are finalizing some last-minute details. You will hear more from us in another week or so with a major announcement!

One of our new supplement suppliers Aduco recently shared some Self Care Tips. We thought it very worthwhile and would like to share it with you. You can click here or read more below: Self Care Tips

Speaking of supplements, we are pleased to announce that we are now carrying the full line of UniKey supplements. To read more about UniKey click here: UniKey Health

As we mentioned in our March newsletter the latest and greatest book from Ann Louise Gittleman is now available. For more details see below.


Aduco Self Care Tips for 2021

Aduco is one of our new suppliers of supplements. They carry 3rd Planet, Focal Evolve and QuickSilver Scientific. We added them last year and have been very pleased with their performance. A few weeks ago, they sent out their Self Care Tips and we wanted to share it with you. The categories are: Listen to Your Body, Digital Detox, Air Purification and Aromatherapy, Food and Supplements, Create A Positive State of Mind, Create a Compelling Future, and Transcend Your Needs to Help Others.

To read the full document click here: Self Care Tips

Radical Longevity is Here!

What if aging is optional? I am beyond excited to share that my good friend and mentor, Ann Louise Gittleman is back with proof that getting older does not have to mean slowing down or living life on the sidelines. In her newest book, Radical Longevity, she teaches how to release a lifetime of accumulated toxins and correct key nutrient deficiencies to feel and look younger. We go back over 15 years and I know how much research, knowledge, and experience she brings to each of her books – Radical Longevity is an accumulation of it all! Congratulations Ann Louise on the launch of Radical Longevity – if only we all could look and feel like you do….and now we can!

To order a copy of Radical Longevity and get 3 free, bonus health guides, visit