“I am an active male in my late 30s who had been struggling with ED issues. This was a serious issue in my marriage, and in my attempts to resolve it I had progressed from exams to ensure there were no clear medical issues to acupuncture and off the shelf supplements with no results. I am a true believer in finding and fixing the root cause of an issue, so pharmaceuticals did not appeal to me. I sought Bernie Rosen’s help to understand the root cause of my issue, and my outcome was amazing. What I got was an education on how my body functions beyond what web sites and fitness magazines can provide, and a plan to put my body back on track. I saw results from this approach in a few weeks, and maintained those results through diet alone around week 5. As an added benefit, I’ve noticed an improved ability for my body to deal with career and family stresses that I didn’t have before. The best part is that my ‘diet’ consists of more of the things I want to eat vs. things I thought were ‘healthy’ to eat, and I have a renewed confidence that I can perform as I feel I should without depending on any drugs or other unnatural processes. I would strongly recommend working with Bernie to any quietly desperate men out there.” T.R.