Enjoy The Who – We Won’t Get Fooled Again

We wish it were true, but unfortunately like a lot of other nutrition information it is not true. We do not want you to be fooled by the many nutrition myths that are presented to you as fact. In today’s world we can now call this the Fake News of Nutrition. See below for some of our favorite nutrition myths.

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And on April 19 it is Spring Cleaning: Three Ways to Detox and Improve Your Health. Our body is constantly exposed to toxins in the food we eat, the air we breathe, and throughout or home and/or work environments.   It is always a great time to give your body a break and explore a detoxification program.  Learn three different ways you can detox and how it will improve your health.

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Our Favorite Nutrition Myths

Let us start with the calorie myth that all calories are created equal. Most diet and exercise programs are based on us “counting calories” and assuming all calories are created equal. What if this were not quite true? If so, where did this concept originate and what implications does it have for us today? Click here to find out: The Calorie Myth

Have you ever been told you should be a vegan because it is the healthiest and most planet friendly diet? Much of the “evidence” for this comes from a book called The China Study. This is a book written by T. Colin Campbell, PhD in 2006 which encourages a vegan diet (no animal sourced food) and inspired the well-publicized documentary Forks Over Knives. The premise of the book and the movie is that all animal foods are dangerous and are the underlying cause of today’s leading killers – heart disease and cancer. It is further claimed that these can be prevented or even cured by avoiding all animal products and eating a diet consisting of only whole, unprocessed plant foods.

The China Study quickly became the “Bible” of the vegan and vegetarian communities. It was the undisputed proof that meat was bad and plant-only was good. While the book contains many well-referenced arguments, upon closer inspection it becomes clear that many of the claims result from selecting and manipulating the data that fits the hypothesis, rather than an unbiased analysis of all the information collected. Want the true story? Then click here: What The China Study Really Found

Closely related to the China Study is the myth that soy is a health food. Where to start? We have all heard that soy is a health food – a great source of protein, a substitute for meat and milk. It is the backbone of a vegetarian diet and has launched a whole new wave of “health foods”. Unfortunately, most of these new creations are not healthy and, in many cases, one could argue if they are even food! The truth is that soy consumption is hazardous to your health. Learn why here: The Real Soy Story

For many years we were told to watch our consumption of eggs because they contain the evil cholesterol. Well, it turns out that eggs are quite beneficial, and that cholesterol is one of the body’s most important building blocks for hormones. Get the straight scoop on cholesterol here: Why Your Body Needs Cholesterol

We all know that sugar is bad for us, so we should use artificial sweeteners like Splenda and Aspartame instead. Right? Well believe it or not, the artificial ones are worse for you than real sugar. You want to know why? Click here: Are Artificial Sweeteners Safe?

And one last myth. This perhaps one of the most difficult to get people to believe as it challenges most of what they have been told about exercise. We will call it the Cardio Myth and click here to find out what the best exercise really is: The Cardio Myth

We hope you found this educational, entertaining, and motivating.

All our best,

Bernie and Susana