I’m pleased to announce a new service – blood chemistry analysis. As part of my Whole Foods Nutrition Certification I was trained to analyze basic blood test results. I am able to interpret nutritional status and identify areas where supplementation may be helpful. Ever wonder why you may feel not quite right, go to the doctor for a blood test, and then be told you are “normal.” This is because the range the lab is using basically tells you results for people who tested at that particular lab and if you are in range this means you are within the normal curve of 95% of that lab’s population. This does not mean you are healthy or optimal, just within the 95% confidence interval (remember your Statistics!) and termed “normal”. By the way, who generally gets their blood tested? Yes, people who think there is something wrong! So, rather than looking at the blood test results in terms of being outside or inside of a pathological range, such as traditional medicine does, I am trained to look at optimal ranges. If you are not optimal – either excess or deficient – that implies a specific nutritional status that should be addressed.