We are pleased to announce a new service offering from Rosen Wellness – EMF Home and Office Evaluation.

With the introduction of the new 5G technology, the safety of EMFs particularly as related to wireless and cell phone technology, is once again making headline news across the natural health media and even the main-stream media.

Health professionals around the world have seen an explosion of cases of mysterious symptoms – insomnia, infertility, headaches, weight gain, depression, fatigue, brain fog and many other complaints. These symptoms remain unresolved, even with diet, exercise, and supplement protocols.

It is becoming widely accepted that EMF radiation from cell phones, WiFi, Bluetooth, and other “smart” devices is likely either a factor or the root cause of these health issues.

While it is virtually impossible in today’s world to completely avoid EMFs, there are many ways to reduce your personal exposure to these potential health hazards.

Our EMF Home and Office Evaluation is designed to:

  1. Identify sources of excessive levels of EMFs.
  2. Recommend ways to eliminate, reduce, and/or shield from these sources.
  3. Provide products to reduce and/or shield from these sources.

We will check your Home and/or Office for three types of EMFs. Radio Frequencies – WiFi, Cellular, Bluetooth, Cordless phones, microwave ovens, other “smart” devices. Magnetic Fields – AC power lines, fuse boxes, major appliances. Electric Fields – power outlets, internal power lines.

The cost for the service is $250 per location (home or small business office) plus $50 per hour for each hour over two hours. Most location evaluations will be completed within two hours.