Hi, just in case you are asking yourself, “Where’s Bernie’s monthly newsletter?” Don’t worry – it is on its way next week.

The past few weeks have been incredibly busy. I was in Boston visiting Mollie, in Denver on the last leg of my summer education (lots more on that to follow), just got back from Tampa visiting my sister, and will be heading out Thursday for a conference. In between all that was my birthday and the High Holidays! Not that I like to make excuses, but there you have it!

As I said, I’m just back from the last of my three major training events – Back to School for Doctors 2014. This is an annual conference presented in Denver by Mark Anderson of Standard Process West. It is primarily targeted at Chiropractors, but there are a few of us Nutritionists, as well as Acupuncturists, Naturopaths, and even some medical doctors and dentists in attendance. To put it simply – it is awesome. Mark is a dynamic speaker who presents the scientific studies that we don’t often hear about: the ones that support much of what we do (or have done) in the natural healing world.

I look forward to sharing this information. There was a lot to digest and process so I am starting work on three new articles for the newsletter – hence the delay. As you can probably guess from the titles there’s some good stuff:

1. Is Your Probiotic Really Helping You or Are You Flushing Good Money Down the Toilet?
2. Supporting Your Immune System or How to Give Your Body Its Best Shot Against Unwanted Viruses (Such as the flu, E68, or even dare I say Ebola)
3. B4: The Vitamin You Likely Never Heard Of and How It Protects Your Heart (Perhaps there is another reason for the rise in heart disease)

Okay, I’ve got to get back to work!