Your Weight and Your Health

Our past few newsletters have featured introductory information about SHAPE ReClaimed®. Why is this? Over the past thirteen years we have helped many clients resolve long standing health issues such as poor digestion, hormone imbalances, headaches, vitamin and mineral deficiencies, rashes, and excess inflammation. Weight loss frequently occurs as a natural result of improving bodily function and reduced systemic inflammation. However, addressing and maintaining weight loss of over 20 pounds often provided a challenge. Until recently we did not have an answer for that – now we do with SHAPE ReClaimed®.

We have realized that all the work we have done for our client base is wonderful. Many of our clients come to us engaging in relatively healthy lifestyles, they eat well, they exercise regularly, but they have this one issue that they cannot resolve. We have assisted numerous clients in figuring out these complex issues.

What about those who just want to lose some weight? We admit, not everyone wants to take a bunch of pills and tinctures! And that muscle testing stuff sure seems strange! We have concluded we can provide service to these people by simply helping shed their excess fat and lose weight. My wife Susana, a Registered Nurse, has joined me at the clinic to focus exclusively on this and providing individualized support and care.

Why is this important for so many people? Being overweight is a major health issue. If you are overweight, you have a significantly greater risk factor for many health issues. These include: breathing, non-alcoholic fatty liver disease, osteoarthritis, gallstones, Type 2 diabetes, gout, high blood pressure, heart disease, kidney disease, sleep apnea, pregnancy issues, and cancer. You will notice that most of these are the leading causes of preventable and early death. The feature article below provides more details.

Along with introducing SHAPE ReClaimed® in the office we are excited to announce that we will have available several SHAPE ReClaimed® approved products to support clients during the program and are also very healthy for the everyone! You can read about these products below.

If you are interested in more information about SHAPE Reclaimed® please call me at (262) 389-9907 or Susana at (414) 331-9326 and we will be delighted to tell you more about SHAPE Reclaimed®. You can also find lots of great information here: SHAPE ReClaimed

Your Weight and Your Health

Many health experts believe that our country is now amid an obesity epidemic. According to the CDC’s latest official statistics 39.8% (93.3 million) of US adults are obese (37.9% for men and 41.1% for women); and 17% of children and adolescents aged 2–19 years are obese. In general terms obesity means you weigh at least 20% more than what is ideal for someone your height, often because of body fat. In addition, it is believed that 63.8% (149.6 million) of US adults are overweight (this includes the obese). These numbers have been rapidly rising since the 1970’s and are expected to continue on that trajectory.

The categories of normal weight, overweight, obesity, and extreme obesity are determined by the BMI (body mass index) measurement. To learn the specifics of this click here: Assessing BMI

Being overweight is a major health issue. If you are overweight, you have a significantly greater risk factor for several health issues including: breathing, non-alcoholic fatty liver disease, osteoarthritis, gallstones, Type 2 diabetes, gout, high blood pressure, heart disease, kidney disease, sleep apnea, pregnancy difficulties, and cancer. Notice these are among the leading causes of preventable and premature death.

Being overweight is also a cost issue, to both the individual and the society. It is estimated that an overweight person will have medical expenses over $1,400 per year higher than those of a normal weight person. This adds up to over $150 billion dollars nationwide in excess annual medical costs!

Let’s further explore the health issues related to obesity:

To continue reading the article click here: Your Weight and Your Health

New Products – SHAPE ReClaimed® Approved and Healthy!

To assist our clients in being compliant with SHAPE ReClaimed® we are now carrying the following products at Rosen Wellness. They are SHAPE ReClaimed® approved but everyone can enjoy them! While many of these products are available on the Internet, we are providing them for your convenience.

Selina Naturally Celtic Sea Salt – Selina Naturally is one of the most trusted names in Celtic Sea Salt and have been around since 1976! In fact, they are the originator of the Celtic Sea Salt brand. In addition to tasting great, the salt is rich in minerals and vital in proper hydration. One of the urinalysis markers is whether salt intake needs to be increased. We are carrying both coarse and fine ground salt in shaker bottles and refills along with three tasty seasonings – Garlic Salt, Herbs de Provence, and Seaweed. We also have sample packets of the salt if you would like to try it. For more information on Selina Naturally click here: Selina Naturally

Ice Chips – Ice Chips™ are an all-natural, xylitol-based sugar free diabetic friendly candy that comes in 20 delicious flavors. They are quite delicious, fruity and refreshing! A great way to satisfy a sugar craving. One word of warning – some people do not tolerate xylitol and it can cause gas or bowel discomfort; however, most people are fine with it. We have samples in the office of 12 flavors. For more information on Ice Chips™ click here: Ice Chips

Inner Flavor Sauces and Dressings – Salads need salad dressing, and these are tasty and approved. There is Oregano Lemon Dressing, Ketchup (which I have been using as a “tomatoey” dressing, and Barbeque Sauce).  For more information on Inner Flavor Sauce Company click here: Inner Flavor Sauce Company

SweetLeaf Stevia –SweetLeaf Stevia® is an award-winning natural sweetener with zero calories, no sugars, zero carbs, a non-glycemic response, and no artificial sweeteners. It is one of the leading brands in the world. Stevia can be used to add flavor and sweetness to any food or beverage. It is a great way to liven up your water or make your own soda. We are carrying the most popular flavors: Sweet Drops in Clear, English Toffee, and Vanilla Crème; SweetLeaf Sweet Drops in Chocolate and Caramel; and Water Drops in Peach Mango and Strawberry Kiwi.  For more information on SweetLeaf Stevia click here: SweetLeaf Stevia