We hope you all had a Happy Thanksgiving and are now gearing up for the rest of the Holiday Season. One of the most interesting client conversations this month was with a client who told us she calculated that her supplements cost her $4.69 per day. This client is on a maintenance package with female endocrine and digestive support. We were not sure what to make of her comment at first, but then she went on to say how pleased she was with how she was feeling and how this was certainly money well spent. We then engaged in a conversation how at times people perceive they are paying a lot for their supplements, yet at the same time have no problem spending more than that for their daily cup of coffee at Starbucks, or for something from somewhere else. Her conclusion is that her health is important, and her supplements keep her healthy and feeling good.

As the New Year approaches, we have lots of “new” to report at Rosen Wellness.

Our brand-new website is now live. Click here to check it out:  New Website

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With the new website we are also introducing online scheduling. While we will still make appointments in the office, you will now have the flexibility to schedule your own appointments. Click here for the appointment scheduler: Schedule An Appointment

We continue to see amazing results with SHAPE ReClaimed. We are sure that many of you are considering starting the program after the New Year. Food for thought – one way to avoid the weight gain from the Holidays may be to start the program sooner. SHAPE ReClaimed is easy to do and not as restrictive as you may fear. A few dietary changes and you are on your way to a sustainable healthy lifestyle. Susana will be helpful to answer any questions you may have. Call Susana at 414-331-9326. For those of you who start SHAPE ReClaimed before Christmas we have a special offer for you detailed below.

We are pleased to announce that Bernie will be back in the classroom teaching a three-part lecture series called Your Weight and Your Health offered on Mondays – January 13, February 3, and March 16. Each session is designed to stand independently, so you can attend one or all. The class will be offered in the afternoon through Mequon-Thiensville Recreation Department at Range Line School from 1-2 PM and in the evening through Nicolet Recreation Department at Nicolet High School from 7-8 PM. The Mequon classes are free, the Nicolet classes have a small fee. Click here for more details: Your Weight and Your Health

Direct Labs Special Offer – the Comprehensive Wellness Panel (CWP) is on sale for only $59. This is a very complete profile that we highly recommend. You can purchase it now and you have several months to complete the test. Click here to order your kit: Direct Labs Special

SHAPE Holiday Survival Kit Special

For those of you who start SHAPE ReClaimed before Christmas we have a special offer for you. We know that doing any healthy eating program can be challenging in of itself but add in the Holidays and it certainly takes it up a notch. However, starting before the Holidays can be the perfect way to avoid all the extra pounds you could gain (believed to be around 5 pounds per person during the Holiday season!). So, if you have your initial SHAPE consult by December 20, we will include for FREE your SHAPE Holiday Survival Kit – one bottle of Stevia, one bottle of Oregano Lemon dressing, and one bottle of Celtic Sea Salt – a value of over $25! Call now to make your initial appointment!  For more information about SHAPE click here: SHAPE ReClaimed

These Are A Few of Our Favorite Things

Given the confusion and hype so prevalent on the Internet and in the media,  we are often asked where to go for reliable, dependable and accurate information regarding nutrition.

Click here is a list of our FAVORITE WEBSITES and BOOKS: Our Favorite Things

All in the Family

There is nothing more rewarding then helping families improve their health. We believe the husband/father is planning on coming in shortly too!!

“When I first started to see Bernie, I had just recently decided to continue my eligibility playing Division 1 college volleyball down in Memphis.  I was struggling with severe acne due to food allergies, and an imbalance in my hormones resulting in a tough menstrual cycles.  My personal goal before heading off to Memphis for my graduate degree and final volleyball season was to make sure I was as healthy as I could be.  While down in Memphis, Bernie was able to adjust my supplement levels virtually to accommodate for my extreme levels of physical activity along with the stress of traveling and masters level work.  Returning after my volleyball season to Wisconsin, I scheduled a checkup with Bernie, and my levels seemed to be in great shape.  Thanks to Bernie and his flexibility and expertise while being in Memphis, my body was able to handle physical and emotional stress extremely well and continue to stay as healthy as I was before I left.” C.S.

“After seeing such great results from my daughter, I went to see Bernie about one year ago with numerous health issues of my own.  Most of them stemming from extreme inflammation levels.   Eventually I became educated enough to fully understand how inflammation is linked to chronic diseases, some of which I was experiencing.  One of the biggest issues that I have struggled with was weight loss.  I was a sucker for trying every diet out on the market.  Bernie recommended giving SHAPE a try to cut down inflammation and accelerate the weight loss process.  With the help of Bernie, Susana, and SHAPE, I was able to lose 42 pounds to date.  By eliminating a great deal of inflammation, my overall mental and physical health has improved greatly.” B.S.

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