In my August newsletter I mentioned three upcoming trainings I had scheduled to attend in August and September. I have completed two of them. The information and learning was incredible – out of this world! And when I say out of this world I also refer to the world of “traditional or allopathic medicine” compared to the world of “healing.” What I experienced (either in a workshop or individual training session) was in the world of healing – healing through nutrition. To put it simply – I am now the most excited/”jazzed up” I have ever been regarding the future of my nutrition consulting practice and my ability to help my clients.

I can’t wait another two weeks for my September newsletter to share this news, so that’s why the Special Edition.

Here’s what happened:

The Symposium on Nutrition had four great speakers/healers. While they all had their own individual topics their main message was to use muscle testing. While there are a variety of proven muscle testing techniques to utilize, the practitioner needs to find the one that resonates and works best for them. Over the past few years I have used the muscle testing system called NRT (Nutrition Response Testing). I have used it with some clients, but not all. To be honest, I didn’t feel comfortable using it with everyone. I didn’t think it was for everyone. Until…

My second training was a private session with Dr. Joe Teff, a master practitioner and trainer. When planning the session he told me he only needed four hours and that would “blow my mind.” I was a little skeptical as the “official” NRT advanced training is hundreds of hours. He said he’d cut to the chase – teach me what I really needed to know. He did as promised. After four hours on August 16th my head was spinning. It took me several hours to compose myself and write out what I had experienced. My five clients who participated in the training session were all amazed and excited by their experience as well. Here’s a link that describes the testing methodology I learned:

From these experiences I realized that muscle testing is important for all my clients and I now have the tools to do it beyond my previous knowledge level. That is why this is the most excited I’ve ever been about my nutrition practice. I am eager to share it with my current and future clients and help them improve their health and quality of life.

I encourage you to come in for a test. For existing clients it takes about a half hour. So far I’m finding slight changes in supplement protocols and often the need for fewer supplements – I think that’s something everyone likes to hear – as that saves money! To set an appointment call or e-mail.

The rest of the newsletter contains the profiles of these teachers and links to their websites.

Dr. Davis Brockenshire – Methylation and the Spleen

I first studied with Dr. Brockenshire in October of 2013 and this was my third workshop with him. He has many talents, but from him I have learned about the importance of methylation. To put it simply- our ability to methylate impacts all aspects of our life. The big three – how we detoxify ourselves, how we generate energy, and how our DNA repairs itself. That pretty much says it all. There is a saliva test which analyzes three genes (called SNPs) which tells us our methylation capacity. A significant segment of the population (myself included) do not methylate at full capacity. There’s a lot to this. If you want to learn more about it here’s some links:

To learn more about Dr. Brockenshire click here:

To learn more about methylation click here: and here:

Dr. Randy Tent – Cardiovascular and Viruses

You’ve heard me talk about Dr. Tent in a prior newsletter as my new nutrition hero. This was the first time I had the opportunity to see him live and he too lived up to his billing. He shared his nutritional protocols for supporting his patients who have heart issues and viruses. His stories of helping people with blood clots, arterial clogging, and a variety of viruses was truly inspirational. As a result of his talks I signed up with a new supplement company that provides some of the specific products he spoke of. I have encouraged you before to view Dr. Tent’s YouTube video on the Rise of Autoimmune Diseases.

To watch Dr. Tent’s classic Patient Talks on YouTube click here:

To learn more about Dr. Tent click here:

Dr. Chad Guess – Bringing it all Together

I met Dr. Guess in January of 2013 and this was the third workshop with him as well. However this one was different. He did not talk about nutrition. He talked about what to do Monday when we returned to our office. Most practitioners go to these workshops, hear all kinds of good stuff, say they will do it, but when they get back to the reality of their practice on Monday they just go back to doing what they always do!

Dr. Guess challenged us to make it different this time. He provided the tools and techniques to do the inner work you need to answer the basic questions of why am I doing this and what is my purpose. His session was highly motivational and inspiring.

To learn more about Dr. Guess click here:

Dr. Joe Teff – Master Practitioner and Teacher

The Symposium on Nutrition was the perfect lead in to my private session with Dr. Teff as described above. If you want to know more about Dr. Teff I have a link to his web site below.

To learn more about Dr. Teff click here:
To learn more about the muscle testing I was trained in click here:

This newsletter was a little longer than prior ones, but what the heck – it is still summer so you have time to read it!! When we are excited we talk more and in this case I write more. There is so much good to share! I feel truly blessed to have all these experiences come together this month and look forward to the future and helping my clients be as healthy as the