Would you believe it is already November? It’s getting to be “Holiday Season” – the nutrition consultant’s nightmare time of the year. Why? Well – who wants to hear about healthy eating during the holiday season? Yet, this is probably one of the times we can do the most damage due to the readily available excess food and drink. So, please do your best! Remember – balance and moderation.

I’m a big believer in two sayings. One is that you learn something new every day. Two is that if you don’t know the answer to a question your best response is, “I don’t know.” My feature article this month deals with that exact situation. I was asked a great question – basically – how to large herbivores (animals that eat only plants) get so large? To find out read below.

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Protein: Are You Eating Enough or How to Cows Get So Big and Not Eat Meat?

The inspiration for this article comes from two absolute truths: One – you learn something new every day; and two – if you don’t know the answer it is best to say so rather than make something up! Recently I was asked a great question during a Nutrition Boot Camp workshop. I was discussing the importance of eating animal protein. I was asked if it is so important how do cows and other animals that don’t eat meat grow so large. I had never really thought about it, so it provided an excellent learning opportunity.

First, a little background. What is protein? It is one of the six core nutrients that we humans require for life (the others being fat, carbohydrates, vitamins, minerals, and water). Protein is the structural basis of our body. It builds and repairs tissues and cells. It makes our hormones, enzymes, neurotransmitters, and antibodies. As you can see, protein is pretty important stuff! And remember, our body is essentially one big chemical factory and these processes go on continuously. Therefore, we need a constant supply of protein which is why I recommend to my clients that they consume protein with each meal and that it is approximately 30-35% of their diet. One of the factors I believe behind all the chronic diseases, such as obesity, diabetes, cancer, and heart disease is that most people do not consume enough healthy protein. In fact, if you do the math of the government recommended 2000 calorie diet, it comes out to approximately 60% carbohydrate, 30% fat, and 10% protein. If you’d like to read more about the connection between high carbohydrate diets and disease I strongly recommend Gary Taubes book Good Calories, Bad Calories.

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Positive Results from Earthing in One Night

Earthing? What’s that? I’m guessing that is what you are saying to yourself. Let me explain what I believe may be the latest and greatest breakthrough in natural health!

Yesterday I received my much anticipated copy of best selling nutrition author Ann Louise Gittleman’s latest book Zapped: Why Your Cell Phone Shouldn’t Be Your Alarm Clock and 1,268 Ways to Outsmart the Hazards of Electronic Pollution. The title pretty much tells it all. The short of it is that we are being exposed to increasing amounts of electromagnetic fields which disturb our body’s natural energy. The results for some people have become toxicity, fatigue, irritability, weakness, and diseases that no doctor can explain.

One of the solutions is a new concept called “Earthing” developed by Dr. Stephen Sinatra, Clinton Ober, and Martin Zucker. Along with my copy of Zapped I received one of the Earthing devices – the Earthing Universal Mat. This mat has several different ways to use it. I chose to sleep on it. Prior to going to bad my lower back was quite sore and I must admit the first part of my sleep was not very sound. I awoke around 2:00, but then something happened. I had a very interesting dream featuring a spiritual leader massaging my lower back with special healing energy and when I awoke in the morning my back felt great! Coincidence? I don’t think so. I look forward to continue to explore this device and getting some additional ones!

To learn more about the book and the Earthing devices, follow this link: http://www.unikeyhealth.com/?a=1003.

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