Meet Your Hormones – Learn About the Endocrine System

This month I begin my series of articles about hormones, or as one of my favorite clients refers to them as her “horror-mones.” The basic biology is the endocrine system is composed of glands that produce hormones. These biological agents pretty much control everything about us! I’ll leave it at that for now and encourage you to read the articles as I roll them out over the next few months!

On a local note I’d like to thank everyone who attended our introductory meeting for our local chapter of the Weston Price Foundation. The room at Slow Pokes was packed and unfortunately we were not able to accommodate everyone who expressed interest! Therefore, we have decided to have another introductory meeting later this month. I will send out an e-mail to announce that meeting.

Also on a local note my two part series called “From Head to Toe: What Your Body is Telling You” starts this Wednesday at the Mequon Rec Center. It is one of my favorite talks to give. There is still room to sign up and the event is free. For more information click here:

Meet Your Hormones – The Endocrine System – Part 1

Many experts would argue that among your body’s functional systems the most important is the endocrine system. It is composed of glands (the endocrine glands) that produce hormones that control everything that is happening in our body. So, it’s time to meet your hormones. Or, as one of my favorite clients called them: her “horror-mones!”

Hormones are very powerful biological chemicals that are produced in very small amounts by our endocrine glands. They are released into the blood stream and carried to specific cells where they initiate specific activities. They regulate, control, and coordinate all body functions. Many hormones are made at additional tissue sites as well as their “parent” gland. You can think of this as your body’s own inherent back-up system. They are powerful in very tiny amounts so their levels are precisely and carefully monitored and controlled by the body.

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Nutrition Turkeys

With Thanksgiving approaching, perhaps I can be among the first to wish you a Happy Thanksgiving. If you’ve been reading the last few newsletters I’ve been talking about Weston Price and other early nutrition pioneers and linking to articles about them. I also have an article on two of the early “turkeys” of nutrition – yes the inventors of the Graham Cracker and Kellogg’s Cereal.

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