An early Happy Thanksgiving to everyone and the beginning of the Holiday Season. This is an especially important time to be mindful of what you are eating and drinking as with all the festivities it can easily get away from us!

Digestion is one of my favorite topics and that is the focus of this month’s newsletter. Many of my clients suffer from a variety of digestive issues – in fact it is the largest segment of my practice – from gas, bloating, and occasional heart burn; to constipation, diarrhea, and acid reflux; and then on to IBS, Crohn’s, colitis, Celiac, and diverticulitis.

In my late teens, through college, and into my mid-thirties I too suffered with digestive issues. I was diagnosed with IBS and the “solution” was to eat more fiber. That didn’t really work. As I began to learn more about healthy eating it turned out to be a relatively simple fix – stop eating bagels and cereals for breakfast – and soon my digestion was vastly improved and my seasonal asthma was gone!

One of the solutions for digestive ailments that we often hear is to take probiotics. And, there is an underlying assumption that the more we take, the better. But is this the whole story? Read below and see!

This past weekend I attended a special event for Standard Process’s top accounts from across the country. It was an honor to be there and to meet other like minded practitioners. Needless to say I came away with more ideas to share. One of the more interesting presentations was on a new product called NutriSync. It matches your genes with the nutrients you should be eating to maximize your genetic expression. I’m going to do it this month to get firsthand experience and plan to offer it in January – sounds like a great New Year’s Resolution.

Next month brings us to the heart of the Holiday Season and its parties, foods, and drinks. For many people this means additional stress! This challenges our nervous system. Next month’s feature article will look at the three key minerals to keeping your nervous system balanced.

Without further ado, here’s the heart of the newsletter!

Probiotics: Do You Need Them or Not?

To say we are only as good as our digestion may be an understatement. You can eat the healthiest of foods, but if you are not digesting them, you are not getting the nutrients that your body requires for long term health.

It is likely you are familiar with the three classes of foods that need to be digested – protein, carbohydrates, and fats. However, it is less likely you are familiar with the “triad of digestion” or the three essential substances produced in your body necessary for strong digestion – hydrochloric acid, lactic acid, and bile. Hydrochloric acid and lactic acid are as their names indicate – acids, while bile is an alkaline substance.

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Nutrition Made Simple – A New Blog Series

I’m pleased to announce a new weekly Blog series I’m calling “Nutrition Made Simple.” My tendency is to write longer articles with detailed explanations. It has come to my attention that some clients also like “short and sweet.” So, I will start offer these short blogs that get right to the point – Nutrition Made Simple. My goal is one blog per week on Thursdays. Topics will include:

1. Why sugar is bad for you

2. Why artificial sweeteners are bad for you

3. Why trans-fats are bad for you

4. Why saturated fat is good for you

5. Why you need cholesterol

6. Why protein is important

7. Why you need the right kind of stomach acid

8. Why you want to hang on to your gall bladder

9. How prolonged stress impacts the body

10. What specific vitamins do and where to get them