To start things off Susana and I would like to thank Dr. Todd and Linda Frisch for their outstanding presentation last week at our SHAPE Warrior Event. Current and future SHAPE Warriors enjoyed learning the background to SHAPE and why they are detoxifying, feeling better than ever, and losing the weight they have struggled with in the past. They were also treated to a demonstration of Dr. Todd’s amazing Facial Analysis technique. More on that later in the newsletter.

We have talked in the past about the unique features of SHAPE ReClaimed® – one of them being the urinalysis. From the urinalysis we learn about hydration and mineral balance. One essential mineral is sodium which we can get from salt, but not any salt. The SHAPE program recommends a minimum of ½ teaspoon of Celtic Sea Salt®. Read below why.

We have mentioned in past newsletters how we love to learn new information, how it enriches our practice and ultimately provides benefits to our clients. We are fortunate that we are able to meet leading practitioners like Dr. Todd and Linda Frisch. Not only have they developed the SHAPE ReClaimed® program, but Dr. Todd along with his daughter Abbie have developed their own facial analysis technique. We are pleased to announce that we are now offering this service. More details below.

A little teaser – we are already in discussions to bring Dr. Todd back in the Spring for a presentation on facial analysis.

Pass the Salt, Celtic Sea Salt® That Is!

To pass the salt or not to pass the salt, that is the question.  This is another example of nutrition confusion. First, we will address why we need salt and second why Celtic Sea Salt® is the best choice.

Let us start with the key difference between salt and sodium.  Salts are natural combinations of minerals containing sodium and other minerals. Sodium is essential to life.  It is critical for the health of every cell in the body. Sodium is a key part of the fluid between the cells.  Along with its partner potassium, the two minerals balance the nutrient and waste exchange of each cell.  Sodium is also in our blood, our lymphatic fluid, and is required for the production of hydrochloric acid so we can digest our food.  Sodium is involved in nerve and muscle functioning where it again teams with potassium.  It also maintains our body’s fluid balance, electrolyte balance, and pH balance.

As evident from above we need sodium and it is preferable to consume it in a healthy manner.  Food sources of natural sodium include vegetables, whole grains, legumes, nuts, seeds, fruits, fish, poultry, eggs, milk, and meat.  Unfortunately, most of the population obtains sodium from refined table salt or sodium added to processed foods.  These are unhealthy forms of sodium because they have been stripped of all the naturally occurring minerals. In table salt all that remains are sodium and chloride.

To continue reading click here: Pass The Salt

Are You A Bucket Face? Introducing Facial Analysis

As mentioned above we are pleased to announce that we now offer Facial Analysis. In summary, facial analysis is a technique to understand health and personality. There are nine face shapes. Most people are of one type, but some are a combination. The face shapes indicate general characteristics. What is most interesting is looking at the right and left side of the face independently. The Right side is the public persona, the outer expressions, and related to female or women in the life. The Left side is the inner self, the private self, and related to male or men in the life.

From the face shape we move on to the face map and specific markings (such as lines, redness, puffiness, etc.) on the face. Each part of the face refers to specific organs and is a way to identify areas of stress in the body. Through the identification of these marks areas of health concerns can be identified and addressed.

The last part of the analysis is looking at 22 specific characteristics (including eyes, ears, nose, mouth, chin, forehead, etc.) that correlate to personality traits.

Putting it all together provides an overall picture of health and personality. Utilizing the SHAPE ReClaimed® program and muscle testing a plan to improve and enhance total health can be developed.

Sign up now for your Facial Analysis with a special introductory offer of $100. Call or email to set up your appointment.

On SHAPE, First Time in 33 Years No Cramping On Cycle

While we have been hearing consistently from our SHAPE clients that they feel better, have less pain and inflammation, this was a first for us and very welcome testimonial:

“I have been on the [SHAPE] drops for 7 days as of today. I had a menstrual cycle for the last 33 years every month with significant cramps at a point that was not able to tolerate them without Tylenol or Ibuprofen for the first 2 days every month.  This is my second day of my cycle and had not need any medication.

🙏🏼🥰🙏🏼🥰🙏🏼🥰” S.S.